GET seminar with P1, Rakuten and HeppiFace

The GET Seminar was jointly conducted by P1, Rakuten Malaysia and HeppiFace. And the GET stands for Going e-Commerce Training. Though I wouldn’t really call it an intense training , it was still insightful to hear about the latest statistics from big boys like Rakuten and my buddy from HeppiFace.

Rakuten Malaysia

Masaya Ueno from Rakuten
Masaya Ueno from Rakuten Malaysia

Presented by the CEO himself; Masaya Ueno, he shared about what the Malaysian branch is aiming to do this 2014. He mentions the company will continue focusing to helpĀ merchants sell more through the advice from their Rakuten Malaysia sales consultants. For example; educating merchants of how a change in their template design could help convert more visitors into closed sales.

Then after, Masaya-san also touched points on Rakuten Malaysia aiming to help merchants this year reach out to international markets, fulfillment services and also offering better buyer protection to instil greater confidence to their buyers when shopping with them.


Hui Ling from P1
Hui Ling from P1

When P1’s instrumental linchpin; Hui Ling, took to the stage, it was no stopping the energetic lady from sharing about the business products and services P1 has lined up.

Some of the points shared were on VOIP for the business owner or users. For example; P1 aims to offer theĀ flexibility and painless process when having to add a new team members to your subscribed line.

And I was pretty surprised to hear that 1 of the offered service to business users is SMS blasting as well. Though 1 thought lingered on my mind; how is P1 looking to educate the business users about permission marketing especially with the recently enforced Personal Data Protection Act? Hmm…

That aside, another add-on value they’re offering to business users is an auto-attendant service. I think this will be kinda like your 1-300 answering service.


Johan from HeppiFace
Johan from HeppiFace

I know Johan personally from my business network and though he was a little panicky because his computer tried to kill his presentation for the GET seminar, he still managed to coolly present with the slides he made in a shorter time. Woot woot Johan! :D

From Johan’s talk, he reminded the Faceook Page owners in the audience that the person handling your social media account has to always be professional.

And did you know, the average Facebook Malaysia account holder has an average of 223 friends? o.O

Anyway, he was very generous in sharing his knowledge on how you can effectively promote yourself and your Facebook page. Like 1 of his strategies; birthday banner, is to post a picture as a comment to wish your friend on their birthday and then, tag the person along with your Facebook Page. There you have it, free awareness!

Then he also mentioned when you want to plan your Facebook advertising strategy, you need to go GILA. Target by the:

  • Gender
  • Interest
  • Location
  • Age

Don’t tell me it doesn’t make it easy for you remember as well. :P

And well, I couldn’t stay through to the end for the GET seminar because I had to get back and prepare for my Japanese class. However, I would’ve posed questions like:

  1. To Masaya-san: With Shopify leveraging on the Malaysia website designers / developers to gain more customers, will Rakuten Malaysia have a similar referral strategy?
  2. To Hui Ling: How will the PDPA affect your business customers when they use your SMS blasting services?
  3. To Johan: From your experience, what is the best way to gain more fans for your Facebook Page?


The GET seminar was alright, but I shouldn’t be giving much comment as well since I wasn’t able to stay until the end. So I’ll just zip it here and just say well done Johan, you did it bro! :P

2 thoughts on “GET seminar with P1, Rakuten and HeppiFace”

  1. Hi Danny
    Thanks for the post! Appreciate your time to attend and cover the event!
    Will look forward to see you in the next engagement.

  2. Hi Danny,

    Thanks for your post and compliment about HeppiFace.
    To answer your question “From your experience, what is the best way to gain more fans for your Facebook Page?”:
    Don’t focus too much on number of fans, instead focus on how to contribute more value to your target audience/customers by offering useful tips/news/knowledge to let them aware of your professionalism/expertise in your industry. Then they will become your real and loyalty fans eventually.

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