How are You Different from Your Competitors?

This has been the question nearly all prospects get stumped on when I pose it to them. The general response I’ve been given: My ‘insert company name‘ delivers high quality and professional customer service. And, our products are also very competitively priced in comparison to our competitors. If you ever wondered what was marketing talk, … Read more

How to Modify Your Domain Name at Domain Registry Malaysia

Back in January, Domain Registry Malaysia (formerly MYNIC) decided to introduce a new system for domain name owners to have better management of their domain name. The new system was integrated but there’s a major problem now. They’ve changed the only known way by domain name owners to update their domain name information. I know … Read more

My Breadcrumb Navigation Design Principles

Hansel and Gretel escaped the forest by retracing their steps from the breadcrumbs laid by Hansel. Though Wikipedia’s version tells Hansel left a trail of pebbles. Anyway, the trail is identified as the breadcrumb navigation in website design. In a website with a deep menu structure, you’ll find a navigation which looks similar to this: … Read more

Stop Doing The Website Designer’s Job

The “wow” factor in a website is not the design. It’s the planning, ideas, approach and execution. Good design is about clear visual communication. Brilliant design is what helps your customers achieve their goals. But excellent design is; branding, visual communication and goal-oriented. That’s the website design you must have and that’s the website designer … Read more

Be the man, or woman with the plan!

Stop saying or thinking, “I’m building a website because my competitor…” Yes! Stop thinking you’re SECOND best! Start to determine your own set of measureable goals and objectives. For example, I want to increase my website sales leads for Product A within 6 months. Become the man or woman with the plan! Think about ONE … Read more

Boost Your Website with Video

Video is becoming the next mainstream media for the web. Flash may be more interactive but video hosting websites like YouTube have made it possible to interact with a video. Create your website in YouTube! It was a great idea to capture attention and boldly tell others BooneOakley isn’t your average advertising agency. Ideas like … Read more

E-Commerce Design Mistake to Avoid

I’ve never been a fan of website templates. Half the time they may look good but experience wise, they can be horrible because they lack user experience. If you’ve not heard of user experience, simple to say it’s about designing a good experience for the user. How do you design an experience? Well, in short … Read more

How To Create a Website Like

Facebook, Friendster, Google, [insert competitor website here] In the website design industry, this is one of the common questions brought up by a Malaysia client. Yes, I say Malaysia client because out of all the international enquiries I’ve read which were sent to Simpleet, the ones who ask this question are normally, Malaysian. What is … Read more