Boost Your Website with Video

Video is becoming the next mainstream media for the web. Flash may be more interactive but video hosting websites like YouTube have made it possible to interact with a video.

Create your website in YouTube!

It was a great idea to capture attention and boldly tell others BooneOakley isn’t your average advertising agency. Ideas like this, I simply love it!

The KISS video technique for websites

KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid is really about simplicity. If you can’t innovate, don’t bash yourself up. Just start thinking how can you enhance your website with video. Take the SanDisk website for example.


They’ve included a simple video player to feature product videos which you can cycle. It’s easy for larger companies like them to produce and showcase their product advertising videos.

Video podcasting opened a new avenue for you

Video podcasters are like bloggers except they record their thoughts in a video and publish it online. Due to this growing market, you don’t have to have a professionally done video for your website. All you need is:

  • A handycam – not necessarily HD.
  • A suitable scene – sofa and clean wall.
  • Average lighting.
  • Editing tool – plenty of free and simple ones on the Internet.
  • A script or plan on what the video will be about.
  • 1-hour to edit and publish your video.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Everyone starts somewhere. You don’t have to get it perfect in the first take. Just remember it’s the idea of how to enhance your website and it’s products/services which matter in the video. :)

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