How to Export Bookmarks from Delicious?

Quite a shocker for a Friday morning to learn Yahoo is shutting down Delicious; social bookmarking service, since it was acquired in 2005. From what I’ve read, it’s due to the downsizing happening at Yahoo and Delicious isn’t the only team affected by this.

Well, let’s not dwell on the matter.

Quickly export a backup of your bookmarks, before it’s too late!

Once you’re logged in, you’ll have to navigate to the Settings.

homepage screenshot
Settings in the Top Right area

Then, scan through the Bookmarks and find Export / Backup Bookmarks.

export delicious bookmarks
Click Export / Backup bookmarks

You’re now 1-step away from relief. All you’ve to do now is click the Export button and save the generated HTML file.

export delicious bookmarks screenshot
Export and Save

Hurray! You’ve successfully backed up your bookmarks and saved yourself from crying over spilled milk later. :P

Okay. So what now?

Well, I don’t really have a recommended alternative to Delicious. Plus, an article which wrote about the Top 15 social bookmarking websites didn’t help either. Because Propeller, which was listed below Delicious, has also been shut down by AOL.

aol propeller message screenshot
Propeller was shut down in October 2010

Plus, Reddit doesn’t look like a website I’d put much trust in. No offence.

But I’ve checked out Diigo, which incidentally I created an account, long ago that I forgot. They allow you to store your bookmarks online and have extensions even for Chrome. In addition, they’ve nifty features like saving highlighted text, screenshots and more. But note, some features are only on a paid account. Saving bookmarks is free though.

So, I’m now using Diigo to store my bookmarks. I’ll probably find out how easy it is to retrieve certain bookmarks later as I use it. But for now, that’s my alternative.

Or, do you have a different suggestion?

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  1. Hmm, I did a quick read on Google Bookmarks. It requires me to unnecessarily
    install the Google Toolbar just so I can import my bookmarks via browser. :(

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