New Project Petaling Street Website Review

Project Petaling Street, or commonly known as PPS to the bloggers of more than 5 years, is a blog aggregator website. Though the new PPS coins itself as a blog-ping aggregator – I’m not sure what’s the difference. Anyway, quick history is PPS was sold to a blogger and it laid dormant for 1-2 years since. The name PPS had became a myth and memory to bloggers like me, until recently.

Back in 2003 and 2008

According to the Archive, between 2003 and 2008, there wasn’t much difference in PPS. Except for the way it was developed.

montage screenshot
There was a time...

In 2003, many websites were still using tables. Hence, you can see the layout maintained. But as we progressed into 2005-2008, PPS was developed on the MovableType platform and adapted the website standards; xHTML/CSS.

Proposed PPS Redesign

Sometime in that period, I took it on myself to propose a redesign for PPS. Designing for priorities and ensuring the user experience for visitors was my goal in the redesign. And with the help from Chee Aun, the redesign came to reality.

Minimalist design
More like a wireframe

Though I laugh at myself right now for coming up with such a proposal. LOL!

PPS Now is Too Late

homepage screenshotIf you compared PPS now and then, yes, it’s a huge improvement. However, it’s nothing to scream about in my humble opinion. Simply because we shouldn’t be looking to improve, but to advance PPS forward right now. The reincarnation of an existing service which can’t compete with others now is personally, a wasted effort.

Nonetheless, I appreciate and give praise to the revival with it’s clean and orderly layout. Now there’s a structure behind PPS and new features like the voting, discussion, display and categories have given it a little more value.

But the current design can be much bettered. Especially concerning the most important duty of PPS, submitting a ping.

screenshot of categories
Settings for what?

When you’re registered, there are some things inside you won’t understand right away. Like the Settings for instance. Even now, I don’t really know what it is but I think it’s suppose to be the topics I blog about. Maybe.

More Screenshots:

groups screenshot
live screenshot
top users screenshot
Top users
personal info screenshot
Personal information

A good addition to the new PPS I’d vouch for is the bookmarklet. A tool which you can add to your bookmarks bar and click to add an article to PPS instantly.

I suppose this method is to replace the ability to ping PPS automatically. Meaning if you wanted traffic from PPS, you’re going to have to work for it, somewhat.

What PPS will have to do to succeed?

Well, first thing they’ll have to do is get the regulars back on it. Damn right. Bloggers like Minishorts, Suanie, KY, ShaolinTiger, SixthSeal, Saimatkong, Dzof and the list goes on. These were some of the bloggers I know I met thanks to PPS.

Personal feelings aside if any, PPS needs to look seriously into its approach of advancement and not only monetization. The competitors I’d put forth are like Digg and if you asked for a local example, Nuffnang’s Innit.

Project Petaling Street needs to set a new direction and get back in the game if it seriously wants to make a comeback.

21 thoughts on “New Project Petaling Street Website Review”

  1. Seems that someone here needs a dose of reality:

    1. The site is NOT dead. As soon as the new script was up, PPS received at least 10 new registrations on that same day. That was even before the new revamp was announced, and this was after 3 months of being stuck in development hell.
    2. The site is a PR2, so again, you are a liar.
    3. Traffic can always be obtained after advertising. Ever heard of Google AdWords and FB Adverts? In any case, see Point 1.
    4. Whether bloggers have “no reason to have anything to do with PPS”, that is up to them isn’t it? Its NOT YOUR CALL to make.

  2. Thank you for your review, Danny, you are frank and straight to the point. The script PPS is running on is an open source script, by the way…but we are looking into improving that script (using it as a base) and extending it further by adding features unique to PPS. We personally believe that PPS was never “out of the game”, and by spreading the word we are sure that Malaysian bloggers will return to PPS.

  3. Making a big woo ha about yet another Pligg installation? Everyone is at now, even PPS’s owner himself! lol

  4. There’s nothing wrong with using Pligg, and we have plans to extend PPS further by using Pligg as a base. Who cared about a slow-loading RSS aggregator with no voting or comments features anyway?

  5. There is no rule forbidding the owner of PPS from pinging to other Malaysian blog aggregators. He has pings on, and in his personal capacity as a blogger. So? What is your point really?

  6. Looks like piss piss ass is asking for sedekah traffic from other bloggers. Please lah. Any new bloggers one day have more traffic than piss-piss-ass alone.

    Who the fart wanna have anything to do with a blog agg run by mentally ill religious extremists?
    It’s tooooo late!!! It’s too lateeee! You got no traffic no more! All you got is a sore piss piss ass!

  7. Since you are obviously not aware of the plans we have in store for PPS (and that includes attracting traffic and making it useful to bloggers), you are just simply pissing at the wind. Keep on doing that because you are unqualified to participate in not only PPS, but in any Malaysian blog aggregator as well, considering the display of your disgusting gutter manners.

  8. We can list a 101 reasons why the blog aggregator you hail so much has so many technical problems from an SEO and blog user perspective, but why bother? We are not interested in bad-mouthing anyone like you obviously do when it comes to PPS. Just wait and see where PPS will be in 6 months’ time….and by then, we will be sure to make you swallow your own words.

  9. Really super blog to readers,everyone can motivate from this blog. Good going, give some more pictures in future.

  10. I’m a passionate supporter of things I know I can believe in, you’d know by now. ;)

    Would current PPS team come out to meet me and talk about these plans? I’m pretty sure it’ll be beneficial both ways and control the fan that’s blowing the storm. Contact me and let me know.

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