Where is Danny Foo?

Well, I’m still here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, thanks for asking. Though I’m believing the missing presence on my blog has been felt – based on Google Analytics. So here I am to share a quick note of what’s happening with me, around me and for me. 🙂

Change of website hosting provider

My previous provider; Easynet-Interactive, have been really great and I’ve been with them long enough to see good and bad changes. My decision to move wasn’t because of any bad experiences but it’s because I wanted to try another provider; Hawk Host. The lower cost and additional space acquired by subscribing to them was a plus.

Headaches of moving website hosting

During the move, I also wanted to rebrand my blog to a new URL; blog.dannyfoo.com. My reason was that URL would’ve been much easier to remember and it’s shorter – slightly. However, I found out the hard way the name changing for WordPress isn’t an easy task. Long story short is I gave up and stuck to what was already there.

Downtime is downtime

Irregardless of the time it’s been down. We don’t call them robots for nothing. Even in the first hour, I’ve already detected several 404 requests. Then, within 2-3 days my statistics became more obvious of plummeting.

blog stats june 2009

New content is still king

Because of the diminishing traffic, it forced me to realize my blog needs the equal attention of fresh content like my Twitter account. And by the way, I’ve 2 Twitter accounts; @dannyfoo and @simpleet.

We are swamped this month

All of a sudden. Well, not really all of a sudden but there’s an additioanl influx of website jobs coming in. Directly from Simpleet’s website and through referrals. So it’s keeping me really busy on a day by day basis. But like any business owner would say, busy is good.

And, I am broke.

Ever experienced a month you knew you had zero (0) income to spend before you even received your monthly salary? Well, I know that feeling now.

So that’s the gist of my life until now. Though I do look forward to resume my active blogging activities here as soon as the works roll out smoothly. 🙂

Malaysia Website Hosting versus International Website Hosting

network-cableIt doesn’t take a genius at this moment to realize our Internet has slowed to a crawl – especially Streamyx users. Some of your favourite websites or blogs even, take more than 3-5 minutes to load on a single connection. I can’t even bear to mention the number of times I’ve refreshed and reset my connection, just to get a better IP address. For those who don’t know, selected IP connections do give a faster browsing speed. Don’t ask me why. *points to TMNet*

You may have noticed selected local websites still loading at the normal speeds. Well, it’s because the local connections aren’t fully affected by the international cables – which are down now. Yes, apparently there’s an underwater cable disruption on TMNet’s website which they always assume for its customers to refer instead of informing us via email. Well, the next common question some clients ask me is; what’s the difference between hosting in Malaysia and outside of it?
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