Scam: Apple iPad Review Program

Quick information regarding a recent email inviting a person to participate in an Apple iPad review program and have the opportunity the obtain a free Apple iPad.

A close friend of mine forwarded me this email and I trust her.

DO NOT PARTICIPATE if you received an email from me or your friends with subject “<your friend’s name> invites you” (e.g. see email below in red)

This is a scam. Please note that this is a fake site, and is phishing (*stealing) your information and also that of your friend’s email address (now including mine) that you put into their system. If you Google or search for “The Beta Testing Inc Group” you’ll discover it does NOT exist. Soon we will all receive more spam as result of such activities. These sites sell the email addresses to spammers.

If you have participated in the iPad review, please change your email password and inform all your friends in your contact list.

As much as an Apple iPad is the hit and demanding thing right now, it’s the best opportunity for scammers to hit the market. So, be cautious for offers which may be too good to be true.

3 thoughts on “Scam: Apple iPad Review Program”

  1. Haha, I was about to write about it (a detailed one). Tweeted about it a few days back. :D

    I think my friend kena already, that's why I got the E-mail.

  2. LOL! Well, I was pretty tempted into getting into the program as well. But thankfully, I was too busy. :P

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