Is the Website Losing to Facebook Pages?

I was pondering on this question awhile back. So much so, I wanted to ask a few Malaysian social media enthusiasts and drivers about their viewpoints. Even today whilst having lunch with a client-turn-friend, she was sharing with me how powerful Facebook in general had become in generating business.

From building websites to SEO and social media today, I’m wondering where’s the line drawn in having to need a website for your business. Is it possible to generate business without a website and only a Facebook page?

buzzmedia fan page

We used to say an online presence is unavoidable. A Facebook page also does just that. It could be used to establish your online presence. Plus, you can create a Facebook page to:

  • Introduce your company.
  • Upload works in photos and videos.
  • Get clients to become fans. (bonus)
  • Get instant feedback. (bonus)
  • Organize and manage events. (bonus)
  • Get clients to introduce or share your services with their own friends personally. (bonus)

From an apple to apple comparison, I’d say Facebook pages are:

  1. Easier to create.
  2. Faster to deploy.
  3. Scalable with Facebook applications.

Thus, I ponder. Is the website dead? Do businesses only need to create their own Facebook pages in replace of a website?

Or, is a website still prime real estate for a corporate entity? Or, because not all products and services will benefit from a social media strategy, they will still need to rely on a website?

Do you think building a website is dead, or getting there?

6 thoughts on “Is the Website Losing to Facebook Pages?”

  1. Very good points. And yes, all the more common challenges especially the inactive ones. To add some oil as well, there are still clients who don't update or feel they've nothing to update their website. Even without speaking about Facebook, they can't even manage a corporate blog. :P

    But those are some fine points indeed.

  2. Hi Danny, I've also been thinking about this lately. In fact, I made a Facebook Page for my son – it was so much easier than even starting a WordPress blog.

    goldfries makes some very good points and I agree with a few of them. I think you would use Facebook and websites for different things. Facebook is for more interaction at lower cost and websites are to create a real experience for the user.

    Facebook may be a great option for small business – in my latest online marketing presentation I told the attendees who still didn't have a website to start a Facebook Page at least – but for larger more established brands, they will use it to supplement their branded web experience which they can control fully.

    Good to talk about these sorts of things – exercises or web strategist minds :)

  3. My thought is that they both help in online presence but there are few things to note

    1. a non facebook site allows better IDENTITY – rather than just uploading a logo. That of course, may change once Facebook starts to allow in-depth customization of Fan Page layout…………

    2. not every entity can use Facebook well. Some people just need a site that's just an ONLINE BROCHURE. I find that entities that can harness the power of Facebook are also entities that are engaging and active – eg companies that deal with F&B or products. If you're a company servicing super-high grade hair perming…….. well probably it's too niche to even have a decent fan base. Some probably just join to give face. (LOL you know how people just ACCEPT fan just out of courtesy)

    It's not just the niche part though. In some cases, the company has soooooooooo little updates to begin with that the FB page looks so dull that you're better off showing the company website, that one at least holds the identity better.

    I'm sure you have clients that answered “errr…….. once every 6 months, maybe.” when you asked them “how often do you need to update your site?”


    3. Needing someone to handle the account – from what I know, there are people many who aren't even on Facebook. A lot of the older generation people are not on them, even if they are – they're mostly with friends and whatever FB was for but asking them to make and handle an FB fanpage? They shudder at the thought of having an additional thing to handle, plus not knowing how to setup.

    4. Hire someone else to do then? Well it's easy to say but it's difficult to get the party to cough some moolah to get the job done. Of course it's our role to convince them that there will be ROI but when people are uncertain, they're not likely to do so………. or at least we'll have to convince them. :D

    5. Facebook is MESSY! (no, not the Barca hero) – one thing I noted about Facebook is that it's cool that you get to be a FAN of this or GROUP member of that but once the FAN and GROUP becomes huge, attention is divided.

    Most often, 95% or more of what we joined or be a fan of, we don't check anymore – not with the hectic lifestyle most people have. Let's not forget the Facebook status timeline shows updates from everyone – yes, that's your 150++ friends! Those with less than 50 friends? :P Either they're damn careful or not active Facebook users.

    ……….. if I have any more thoughts, I'll come and add. That's all for now.

  4. You're welcome, Danny. :D

    I think it's fair enough if they don't update or have nothing to update but I really hate if when they have A LOT of things to update but they're just not updating!

    I have a client like that. I've decided to stop sending my reminders already. And it's not like they're the one doing the updates, all they have to do is inform me of the latest promotion and it'll be up on the site – it's just a matter of forwarding info to me and they can't get this part right. :(

    As web solutions providers, I believe it's not uncommon to come by situations where we are ready but the client just refuse to do their part, whether due to negligence or just having set very low priority on the web content part.

  5. Hi Danny,

    Great post! To me both r important, but a proper website is a must, especially for businesses and corporate entities. A well designed, professional looking website is like a great first impression, it may not tell me how great a company u REALLY r, but u look so good it makes me want to find out more. Just imagine asking someone for their website so that u can find out more about their company, and they reply “Oh, I don't have a website, but u can check out my facebook page.”. To me, it's a turn off.

    In my opinion, social media such as fb, Twitter, etc, r drivers. They drive ppl to your website and generating buzz for ur business. Helps in spreading the word and bring in the masses. I guess I'd liken a website to a major shopping centre such as 1Utama and social medias as shuttles services tt connects ppl from train/bus stations to the shopping centre.

    And social medias r like a double-edged sword. If we don't update, or God forbid, give crappy updates, it would reflect badly on us and our business. I feel it's prudent to give it some thought and planning on how we want to use it b4 we actually start using these social medias, as each has their own purpose, and if we can do tt, we can really help maximizing the exposure of our business and website.

    Just my 2 cents :)

  6. Very well phrased Vince. And I'd say you're one of the few business minded people I know personally who gets social media. Especially of its importance in keeping it current. :)

    And looks like I'd have to agree with the responses I've received here. A website is still important for first impressions sake.

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