E-Commerce Design Mistake to Avoid

I’ve never been a fan of website templates. Half the time they may look good but experience wise, they can be horrible because they lack user experience. If you’ve not heard of user experience, simple to say it’s about designing a good experience for the user. How do you design an experience? Well, in short … Read more

Create a Website Within YouTube

I stumbled on this unique idea by an advertising agency; BooneOakley, from the Adverblog. The idea uses the interactive hotspots YouTube now allows you to create within your YouTube video. As I recall, my first time ever seeing this interactive hotspots beind used was in some Street Fighter parody video. When I saw BooneOakley’s version, … Read more

Why You Should Not Do The Five Second User Interface Test Often

Previously, I wrote about a new online service I found online called; fivesecondtest. To me, it’s a free online user interface design test service. The invaluable benefit of putting your design up for a test is you’ll get user centric feedback. Though this isn’t a full fledged usability test. Anyway, here are a few reasons … Read more

Free Online User Interface Mockup Design Test Service

From the Sitepoint newsletter, they featured a new free user interface mockup design test online. The free online service is called; fivesecondtest. It’s a user community generated test to get feedback from millions of online users on your mockup designs. This might not be a full fledged usability test with cameras or mouse gesture tracking, … Read more

Create an Effective Website Under Construction Homepage

Ideas are everywhere! And I found Modal’s website not long ago when doing some research for a client. They were featured in one of the CSS galleries for their new website landing page. Or, I’d say their functional under construction page. Who said under construction pages always needed the “Men at Work” signage or the … Read more

Easy Error 404 page Creation Using Google Webmaster Tools

The error 404 page is the webpage you’ll normally see when you can’t find the article or item you were looking for in an author’s website. Here’s a quick example of my error 404 page I tuned up. Now, because the error 404 terminology is commonly understood by tech-savvy users, it’s approach has been made … Read more