Social Media Marketing: Ikea Case Study

Social media marketing is a very powerful marketing tool many corporations are thinking of ways to take advantage. Most of which are using video platform like YouTube as their social media marketing platform. Here’s a great case study from Ikea. It didn’t really use YouTube but Facebook for its social media marketing efforts. Take about … Read more

Create a Website Within YouTube

I stumbled on this unique idea by an advertising agency; BooneOakley, from the Adverblog. The idea uses the interactive hotspots YouTube now allows you to create within your YouTube video. As I recall, my first time ever seeing this interactive hotspots beind used was in some Street Fighter parody video. When I saw BooneOakley’s version, … Read more

Why Tourism Malaysia Never Thought of This?

I was reading the papers at breakfast (yes, I still read printed stuff) and I found another great idea we could’ve used – especially, Tourism Malaysia. Why oh why couldn’t we have come with an online creative marketing campaign like this one to promote Malaysia! Australia’s Queensland tourism is going to offer one (1) individual … Read more