And up rises another company who’s trying to establish a presence within the blogosphere. The overall outlook turns out really well though Blogger is still my kinda niche. Simple and nice. *grin* However, what’s important is also the ease of use and customization. I’ve signed up an account there for testing purposes as usual like … Read more

Sandra Carlucci & Music For Relief

If you need a goth directed website for reference, this is one of the better looking ones I found. Heavy in graphics with a dark theme to it definetely tingles you all over in a dark room. I’ve never really heard much of them but hey, when a design is there, its worth a shout. … Read more

Websites To Share

I subscribe to the DesignersDepot website for latest updates. Normally I don’t get many excellent ranking websites in the list from my books. However, today was a real treat as the new year approaches. I’m telling you, these websites are awesome. I’ll list the best from the 10 and you count how many are great. … Read more

Lori Ann Music

Official website is the bomb. I haven’t seen something as good as this for an artiste in a while. I bet they definetely spent quite a lump sum on this job. The information should be XML driven if I’m not mistaken. The graphics are simply excellent. Though it has the whole city look going for … Read more

Moxie Design

I came across this when browsing through the Weblog Awards 2004. I knew the website was about blog skins because the whole front page was just full of it. I doubted a lil till I looked through the people of the studio. 4 women designers, 2 men programmers and 1 dog mascot heads the company. … Read more

Awesome Counterstrike Website

I was doing some design research for my Multimedia assignment tomorrow and I came across a Counterstrike website that used Flash quite efficiently. Well, they didn’t use any XML stuff though I thought they did. But the intro looks cool and their entire website is so far the best I’ve ever seen for a clan … Read more

Digital Web Magazine

Well, I’m not really sure if it’s just me who hasn’t been to the website for so long or it just took a change. Digitel Web Magazine has been always in My Favorites for the interesting stuff they provide as reading material for a fellow web designer. The articles they’ve hosted have given me tips … Read more


The cyber games that all gaming phreaks and l33ts of Malaysia await to get their first taste of professional gaming and a chance to qualify to play with the best players all over the world. It isn’t a game of just simple shoot-em up or a game that you know you can trick your friends … Read more & LUCTs Web 2004

Alright, I should have actually posted this sooner but didn’t exactly get the chance to do so. Instead of talking about just website, I’m going to be kinda analysing 2 websites that I found really interesting. They are and a website I’d never knew I’d revist it again, Here’s a screen each of … Read more