& LUCTs Web 2004

Alright, I should have actually posted this sooner but didn’t exactly get the chance to do so. Instead of talking about just website, I’m going to be kinda analysing 2 websites that I found really interesting. They are and a website I’d never knew I’d revist it again, Here’s a screen each of the website.


Lady’s first. The only I’d like to comment about this sweet kickass girl power kinda website is that it’s personality. Uh huh. The color is really one outstading composition to be mixed with and then bundling together the hip and happening chiq illustration on the side, I must say this website is really outshining it’s identity of girl power. Navigation on her website ain’t too bad but I guess the thing I’m not too down with is the transparent background for the content. At certain times, it is not that easy to read. That’s pretty mucha bout that but overall, I like the website. 🙂

Now, the college website previously was totally suXor. You navigate with only a drop down menu and purely using the ‘coconut head’s black legacy was seriously an issue with the site. It does show identity but it made the website look flatter than a pancake. It also didn’t give out that energy to a visitor when they come by. That was then, but now, woah! Total revamp-nation had taken place and I was very impressed when I saw it. The graphics were simple excellent and navigation is now so much more user friendly. Though now not filled with black but more color, the website still bares some weaknesses. Firstly, the intro is really too long in my opinion coz I think it loaded about 3-5 different SWFs. Secondly, the top part being Flash is no complaint but there were about 2 pages that had no banner. So in the end, when you try to use the dropdown menu, you only have very minimal space to scroll it.

Oh yeah, before I leave, I’d like to inform everyone that they did use 3D for the main page. Yes, I too didn’t believe it but hey, finally their catching up with technology. Kudos to the team who did the website. Well done! *applause*

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