Easy Error 404 page Creation Using Google Webmaster Tools

The error 404 page is the webpage you’ll normally see when you can’t find the article or item you were looking for in an author’s website. Here’s a quick example of my error 404 page I tuned up.

Now, because the error 404 terminology is commonly understood by tech-savvy users, it’s approach has been made to be more user-friendly. Such as the error 404 page example you saw when you clicked the link.

error 404 page

From simple functional error 404 pages, other designers and developers with strong beliefs in web standards have made entertaining error 404 pages. Here’s an example from Abduzeedo.

abduzeedo error 404

This has been done to lessen tension and the immediate confusion of a non tech-savvy user through humour. Plus, it makes planning and designing error pages for users now more fun. 😀

If you’d like to create a simple error 404 page as the one I did, you’re going to need Google webmaster tools. It’s free and all you’ll need is a Google account.

Does your website have a user-friendly or humorous error page yet?