TGV Cinemas Website Biggest Weaknesses

Tanjong Golden Village (TGV) cinemas as long as I can remember was one of the first modern cinema theatres I visited – after Rex and Ruby. And in this millennium, online ticket booking is a must for most ticket oriented business. The power of convenience, time saving and escape from the odours of the masses in queue for a small added fee.

Right now, consumer experiences (or, user experience) online is the defining factor from a confirmed sale or abandoned sale. Well, if the TGV management or web team does pick this up. Here are the biggest weaknesses I picked up:

No website address redirection

Did you know, if you accessed without the www into the browser address bar, your customers are left hanging or facing a dead end? Well, now you know.

And yes, if your frequent customers are less than 30 years old, they’d know they can access a website without the www prefix. They are the Gen-Y group after all.

Seat reservation and Online seat booking is confusing

And, misleading. Have a look at this screenshot for a moment.

tgv booking reserve online

I’d understand the management is doing its best to curb users who book online and don’t attend, but it’s either the illustration has to be improved or there should be another solution to curb the problem. But, this wasn’t the reason I didn’t want to pay you online for my tickets.

Single seat gap restriction is good

But, not smart enough. I’d say if management saw a drop in online booking, I’d pinpoint the problem to the new system setup when selecting seats.

tgv booking no single seats

The message reads:

You can not select new seats that leave single seat gap.

The green seats in the image are what I selected. Clearly, the system is not smart enough to detect I selected the center row and I do NOT have a choice to leave a single seat gap at the side (not like I’m anti-social and want to leave a gap between the guy on the right).

Then, when I looked onto the right I noticed a user managed to select a single seat gap in the row. It’s either he selected 4 seats or someone selected 2 seats on the right before he could select 2 seats in the center row.

Ultimately, the system is not smart enough.

Well, if you know the management in TGV (especially one who pays attention to online media), ask him/her to read this and get their web solutions provider to improve the user experience for TGV. Otherwise, start working with Simpleet Solutions.

4 thoughts on “TGV Cinemas Website Biggest Weaknesses”

  1. Gosh, I haven’t been to a TGV cinema since LOTR: The Two Towers came out.

    Even then, it was a major shambles, as the screening played for 20 mins without any sound, and then was halted, and we were reimbursed our money.

    Those who wanted to be reimbursed in tickets so they can watch the next scheduled screening were told they had to pay an extra RM2 because the screening we were originally watching was the lower-priced morning show, and the next show was the higher-priced late afternoon slot.

    Poor customer service like that was why I quit TGV from then on. Never looked back.

  2. LOL! Either I was there or I heard a similar horror story.

    Right now, I’ve no interest in scouring nearest GSC cinemas to see if they have tickets. Too troublesome with the whole process. That’s why when I want to book a movie now, it’s normally GSC, TGV then Cineleisure. All within distance of one another. :)

    But here’s an idea for either GSC or TGV, have a function to search multiple cinemas at once. It’ll be heavy to your servers but it’s a huge convenience to customers. Think about it for a moment.

  3. Aiyoh….gua tak faham this TGV e-ticketing system. Blatantly confusing and left me in lurch all the time. Yes, Danny, i agree the seating-choosing system needs a heck of improvement, not just the image but also the “g ap” issue..hehehe.

    Im a first time user of this TGV online system (usually i choose GSC but since Sunway Pyramid is nearby my area, i gotta opt for TGV).

    Navigation to check out movie time n pricing is tiresome and confusing…putar-belit!

    Design wise, overall 1 out of 10…

    And wats up with the tiny drop down menu (or drop to the right??) when we mouse over the cute LADY in UNiform? The menu is tiny. And the placement of the menu…should have been placed at the left panel or top panel of the webpage (maybe they have too low budget for their CMS to make a nice webpage like GSC la).

    Overall again: Lack of user-interactiveness, haywired navigation, not user-friendly, thumbs-down design.

    Cheers…now, how to apply for Maxis e-Money thingy? I’m using Digi la….Time to Change…..

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