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Hello hello. Yes, I’m still around the Internetz, hovering about and planning the roadmap for this blog. All I have to do now is commit a time slot for myself to keep working on this and aim for where I want to be. 🙂

I was approached by the iSkino skin store owner; Ben, to write a review of their website. And like every other I’ve done, it’s my non-bias opinion otherwise I’ll reject the offer for review. Ben was cool to agree and gave me some giveaway to my readers for their patience of reading this. sw33t.

iSkino case skins for mobile phones, laptops and tablets

Let’s kickoff the breakdown with the homepage. Personally, I’m feeling the header is heavy.


Maybe it’s because of the newsletter subscription with the orange button which occupies most of the space. 😐 Probably would’ve been better to promote the $5 dollar off when you Google +1 the website and visitors are rewarded instantly. Otherwise, they could experiment by removing the newsletter subscription and move their “spread the word” referral programme on the same level as the social sharing icons.

Moving on to the rotating banner. Yes, it’s taking too much space. However, my real peeve with this is its got no call to action. Meaning, users aren’t prompted to do anything to it. Even when I tried clicking, links weren’t assigned. Sigh. 🙁

Scrolling lower down, you’ll find the category images and widgets to the left (shopping cart, product categories, most popular products and referral programme). Now, I may be nitpicking a little here. Would you have preferred the category titles to be larger? My reason is the category images to differentiate iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 isn’t obvious enough. Not to mention there are categories for clear cases and hard cases as well.

On the flip side, I feel the homepage has its strong points too. For instance, putting front the customer service phone number and promoting the free delivery nationwide. Also, the main menu bar has a nice space to split the menu on the left and the login / register links to the right.

Some quick fixes I would recommend for the homepage is to reorganize the header’s newsletter subscription and social links. After that, either replace the rotating banner with only 1 promotional banner. Or, replace the banner area with the video found in the “Is this a sticker” page.

Alright, I hope you’re still with me. Let’s jump to the category page now.

I was a little confused when I saw the phone case skins page had the breakdown of manufacturers and the laptop skins didn’t. What went through my mind was, “so does it mean laptop skins are applicable to all manufacturers and sizes?”

Trying to answer my own question, I clicked on the image to browse deeper and found I had loaded the product category page.

Product category page
Product category page

Unfortunately, I still couldn’t find the answer to my question. However, what I still liked about this page was I could select my preferred design style. This would definitely save any customer time looking for a type of design.

My only quick fix (if possible) is to include a short description about the laptop skins compatibility. Ben, if you read this. Can you replace the laptop category image with a banner to include the short description?

Okay, I found the rest of the website pretty common so I’m jumping to the last thing which interested me; support page.

Support page
Support page

When I saw the Support Center link in the website, my first assumption was it probably would be just a regular page with common questions. Boy, I was surprised.

The support center was powered by User Voice and it had a lot of answers to questions buyers may ask. Sad to know though, I couldn’t find the question or answer which addressed my uncertainty earlier. Hmm…

So ladies and gents, that’s my website review for the iSkino skins and casing website. Thank you for reading the article completely and thank you Ben for giving me something to write. LOL! 😛

By the way, Ben would also like to extend his gratitude to my readers by offering RM10 discount vouchers for all products in his website. Please note the discount code is only for FIRST 10 buyers who use it.

iSkino voucher only usable by the FIRST 10 customers
iSkino voucher only usable by the FIRST 10 customers

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