Will Netbooks Change The Internet Experience?

netbookNetbooks are like the next generation of consumer mobile computers or notebooks right now. What’s even more surprising is this comes not late after the super low-cost laptops for poverty stricken countries. But there’s nothing to complain, because more laptops means a more Internet connected community.

Sure, we’ll have more Internet addicts and black hat hackers on the prowl but at least netbooks are making technology advancements quicker. It’s become an instant hit even Wikipedia has an article about it already.

A netbook is a light-weight, low-cost, energy-efficient, highly portable laptop that achieves these parameters by offering fewer features, less processing power and reduced ability to run resource-intensive operating systems.

Source: Wikipedia

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40 Screenshot Reasons To Choose WordPress 2.7

wordpress logoWordPress 2.7, codenamed; Coltrane, is finally a worthy upgrade compared to WordPress 2.6. It feels like how Adobe recently rewrote Adobe Flash to include Inverse Kinematics (IK). The entire user experience has been improved thanks to its new information architecture and accepted comments (and suggestions) to further improve WordPress by the community.

I’ve installed WordPress 2.7 (Coltrane) on a prototype blog I’m still working on. Right after the upgrade, the aura omitting from the new user interface is simple and easy. It sounds contradictory but sometimes simple layouts aren’t made easy when it’s content isn’t defined clear enough. But not with WordPress 2.7. And, I’ve 40 screenshots to prove why I’d choose to use Coltrane.

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P1 Wimax Leaves The Decision To Malaysia Subscribers

p1-packetone-networksThe Malaysia wimax provider; PacketOne Networks (P1), has taken a step further to acknowledge the existence and importance of its subscribers in Malaysia. Besides organizing floor discussions with its current free subscribers from Low Yat, they’re now asking us, the Malaysia Internet subscribers (consumers, if you may), to tell them the next location of their Wimax rollout.

p1 wimax vote website

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How Much Will The New Maybank2u Lose?

Updated October 17, 2008 @ 4:19PM:
Guys, David told me I can login via the Classic version now.

Though there were good times of attending the new Maybank2u sneak preview, I’m beginning to worry about their website now – I’m very worried.

Despite it not being the end of the world, I’ve always used Maybank2u for a number of important online tasks; fund transfers and mobile topup. All of this is being done online because I don’t want to have to force myself to visit a 7-Eleven to get my topup or go to the ATM (which breaks down often) nearby. My tasks are so common it makes me now ponder; how much online transactions is Maybank2u losing right now due to their heavy load?

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Digg Designer Daniel Burka Teaches a Thing or Two

Good email newsletters are a valuable source of information and inspiration. As such, I’d like to share a few snippets from Sitepoint’s 50th Design View issue. They interviewed the lead designer at Digg; Daniel Burka, and he had a lot of stuff even Malaysia website designers can or should relate today. For example.

Of course, other web sites in our area too–sites like Facebook, for instance. I think the crew down there are doing some really interesting UI work. Even if they’re borrowing from Digg *cough*. Ha ha, I’m referring to some of the new UI stuff on the new Facebook feed — they borrowed a couple of ideas. It’s funny.

Not to say that we haven’t taken a few ideas from them too!

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