Google Improves User Experience For Images

Google recently modified how it display image details in Google Images. It’s maintained the catalog style presentation of its search results but improved the image details page.


Previously, Google previews the origin website when you clicked on the selected image from the results. But they’ve removed the frame and decided to concentrate on the image details alone.

Whether it was a good move or not, some LowYat forumers don’t agree. But this is what I personally thought and said:

From a user experience point of view, this actually improves image browsing. Reason being is after you click on an image, it loads the window like a slideshow. It allows you to cycle through images than having to click back.

You still can see all of the images from your query in the slider below. But you’re not accustomed to this that’s why you think it’s a waste of time.

However, you could always click the back browser button or even “back to image results” placed beside the search button to return to the familiar catalog style presentation.

The biggest benefit of this new presentation is it cuts down loading time too. Previously, when you click a selected image, it uses a frame and loads the website on the bottom portion.

Google has now removed that and only focused on the image. Thus, improves the image search experience who uses their search for images.

I should also add, Google has made image previews much larger. But this is dependent on the image itself. If the image is too small, then it won’t fill the preview space.

Generally, I think Google should’ve done enough homework to make these improvements. It’s very unlikely of them to goof up – especially, user experience.

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