Google Adds Buzz Into Gmail

The new buzz word in town is Google Buzz – pun intended. But many (including myself) are still wondering why did Google create or introduce Buzz as a service? Plus, they’ve already integrated it into Gmail. I’ve many questions regarding the Google Buzz service: What is it suppose to be? How do we use it? … Read more

Google Improves User Experience For Images

Google recently modified how it display image details in Google Images. It’s maintained the catalog style presentation of its search results but improved the image details page. Previously, Google previews the origin website when you clicked on the selected image from the results. But they’ve removed the frame and decided to concentrate on the image … Read more

Google Chrome Extensions Now Available

Yes! Finally! Booyah! I’m overjoyed to have found out Google Chrome now officially has support for extensions. Just like Mozilla Firefox, the Google browser now allows you to download and install module to extend the functionality of your browsers. At the bottom of the browser, a notification read: New! Google Chrome now has extensions and … Read more

Yahoo! Malaysia, I found a ticket for Youreka!

In an effort to remain a popular choice to Malaysians, Yahoo! Malaysia is now running an online contest in their new marketing campaign; Youreka! This campaign is to promote and increase their awareness, readership, members to their news portal, mail service and other services offered. The idea is a treasure hunt to locate one of … Read more

Google Adsense Etiquette is Lax

You’ve heard about the Google Adsense horror stories. Stories like bloggers getting their Google Adsense accounts banned. Normally caused by not following Google’s usage policy of Adsense. However, I’ve come across websites who still managed to get away with it. Similarly to some websites who blend keywords and phrases into their websites. Here are 2 … Read more

Simpleet on The Inside Matters

Besides the rumored economy crisis, many company directors I’ve recently met asks me if I know an ASP.Net developer, Flash designer, Project Manager and etc. I remember reading an article before a lot of undergraduates are unemployed because they’re being too picky with their job opportunities. I guess the priority of company benefits has fallen … Read more

Google Joins Domain Parking Industry

Woah! I didn’t know Google launched a domain parking service under their Google Adsense umbrella. It’s right now called AdSense for domains. Besides generating revenue via Google adsense alone, now Adsense subscribers or domain owners (and parkers) can make money via Google adsense using this new service. Setting up is as easy as adding your … Read more

Easy Error 404 page Creation Using Google Webmaster Tools

The error 404 page is the webpage you’ll normally see when you can’t find the article or item you were looking for in an author’s website. Here’s a quick example of my error 404 page I tuned up. Now, because the error 404 terminology is commonly understood by tech-savvy users, it’s approach has been made … Read more

Google Mail is Now 5 Years Old

While everyone was busy celebrating April Fools Day on April 1, some might have forgotten Google Mail was launched on April Fools. Well, I only realized this minutes ago and would like to extend my wishes to Google for Gmail. By the way, awesome cake and I’m sure it would’ve been tasty. And thanks for … Read more

MSN Website Submission is Broken

A value-added service for website design in Malaysia is assisting clients to submit their websites to search engines. Three of the more popular search engines worldwide are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Though Nielsen reported in 2006, the accumulative total of users using an alternative nearly surpasses MSN Search. So there I was about to submit … Read more