Google Adsense Etiquette is Lax

You’ve heard about the Google Adsense horror stories. Stories like bloggers getting their Google Adsense accounts banned. Normally caused by not following Google’s usage policy of Adsense. However, I’ve come across websites who still managed to get away with it. Similarly to some websites who blend keywords and phrases into their websites. Here are 2 … Read more

Google Joins Domain Parking Industry

Woah! I didn’t know Google launched a domain parking service under their Google Adsense umbrella. It’s right now called AdSense for domains. Besides generating revenue via Google adsense alone, now Adsense subscribers or domain owners (and parkers) can make money via Google adsense using this new service. Setting up is as easy as adding your … Read more

Project Petaling Street Under New Management

Project Petaling Street (PPS) as it’s known is the Malaysia blog ping aggregator. Malaysia bloggers ping the blog network to share their latest findings and it’s been around for a long time – more than 5 years. I’ve grown up with PPS as a local blogger and have once proposed a redesign back in 2005 –  a … Read more

Google Adsense Introduces Expandable Advertisements

Not to worry. The expandable advertisements are unlike the irritatable (or, annoying) hover type link text advertisements. Google has always been friendly and it continues to do so. Even with the introduction of expandable advertisements. So, how only will the ad expand? Ads will expand only after a user clicks and interacts with the ad. … Read more