Am Now Google Adsense Poorer

It looks like my Google Adsense is depreciating in value. The following months before February 2010, I was hitting an average of USD30 per month. Since then, it’s dropped well below USD20 already. Bummer.

I know to those who earn a much higher consistent income wouldn’t really make much of this. But hey, I’m not blogging a topic for everyone to love.

Being the author, I realize I’ve neglected some responsibility of this blog. But it’s not because I’m getting bored. Not even close. It’s really because work has been occupying most of my time now.

People in business say it’s a good thing. Well, I’d personally like to make as much from blogging if that was my business.

Hopefully it will. I’ve been doing some thinking about the direction of this blog. At the same time, how I’ll reposition it later on. Well, let’s wait and see. πŸ™‚

Blogging For Myself

Blogging For Myself 1I was having an open discussion with saimatkong a few days back. And from it, I took back a valuable observation I made of myself. As vain as it sounds, now I know why my traffic isn’t that great.

The simple answers always want to make you slap yourself. And my answer to myself was, I don’t blog for people.

If I really wanted to increase my traffic, what I should blog about are:

  • Tutorials
  • Website examples (galleries)
  • Downloads/Freebies

But I’m not doing all this. Yes, I’ve a category called website lessons or blog lessons. However, you’ll not find a tutorial on how to build a website or blog in there. I know I can write a series on it but I can’t feel the drive to do it.

Blogging For Myself 2

What I blog about is my personal observations and opinions towards the website and online marketing ideas I’ve stumbled. I like blogging about topics which made me think and makes me want to share it with others.

While you read my articles, it’s like seeing and feeling what I felt when I was writing it. Β This my blog’s true nature and the reason I’m blogging.

What is your blog’s true nature? Or, why are you blogging?