How Can I Get More Readers To Read This?

This in particular is the subject itself. Or, more commonly known as the headline, which catches the reader’s attention. It’s not every day you come up with a good headline then notice throngs of people wanting to read it. Well, you don’t need a headline if you’re already popular in my opinion. :P Right now, … Read more

Malaysia Website Hosting versus International Website Hosting

network-cableIt doesn’t take a genius at this moment to realize our Internet has slowed to a crawl – especially Streamyx users. Some of your favourite websites or blogs even, take more than 3-5 minutes to load on a single connection. I can’t even bear to mention the number of times I’ve refreshed and reset my connection, just to get a better IP address. For those who don’t know, selected IP connections do give a faster browsing speed. Don’t ask me why. *points to TMNet*

You may have noticed selected local websites still loading at the normal speeds. Well, it’s because the local connections aren’t fully affected by the international cables – which are down now. Yes, apparently there’s an underwater cable disruption on TMNet’s website which they always assume for its customers to refer instead of informing us via email. Well, the next common question some clients ask me is; what’s the difference between hosting in Malaysia and outside of it?

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Someone Is Stealing My Blog Content

I’ve never considered myself a Malaysia prominent blogger. Heck, I’ve never even self-proclaimed it but apparently some b*stard thinks so and is now stealing my blog content – text and images. The best part is he’s stealing it and posting it up in his created Blogger account. Thank you, Blogger (and Google – since you own the company).

Obviously, the first thing I did was find a way to report it to Blogger. And what d’ya know, I found the most accurate heading; Someone is stealing my content. I really expected to find a form or something but they’ve made it a tedious process for you to report someone stealing your content. Want to know why?

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Using Google Chrome Internet Browser For 24 Hours

There is a new Internet browser in the market and brought to us by the boys (and girls) of Google Inc. I found out about their new Internet browser; Chrome, yesterday via their Inside Adsense email newsletter. The way I see it, their Internet browser will be in direct competition to Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. And yes, if you want me to mention it – Internet Explorer.

I’ve been using Chrome almost completely the whole day yesterday except during the time I had a meeting in the afternoon. This was because Chrome is only released for Windows at the moment. *wails* But as I type this entry on Chrome, I’m slowly noticing and appreciating the additional potential it has to offer me. So, how does Google Chrome fair against the others?

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