Wimax-Inside 4G Laptop from RM99

Updated Information: July 2. 2010 Right now, they’re asking consumers to fill in a registration form. And if your form is picked from the ballot box, then you qualify to buy the Wimax-inside laptops. More details on the promotion page. As I was saying yesterday, before I was distracted by Mike Campton’s goodie bag (LOL), there’s an … Read more

What is Inside? Wimax is Inside

Doh. In particularly, the Intel Centrino Advanced-N with Wimax 6250. And I’ll say this again, damn I had to miss this event.  Anyway, I still love you – Intel, P1, Wimax, BNI and, work. *shiver* 6 computer manufacturers offer Wimax notebooks or netbooks With the unveiling of the new notebook laptops and netbooks, from 6 … Read more

My Intel What’s Inside Contest Entries

The guesses for the contest though made easy, is really challenging. Because you only know it’s a Wimax-based product. However, you don’t know what’s the actual answer. Was it to guess: The product? The chip? The name? So many possibilities. Which I guess why its made it fun to participate. Oh, not forgetting, you could’ve … Read more

Intel What’s Inside Videos Becoming Weirder

Here I thought the videos wouldn’t get cookier. But the agency behind the campaign is really pulling out the weirdest clues out of the box! Here are some of the weirder video clues so far. The Joker come failed mugger The smelling ninja The Sanity The pantyhose techie And if you follow the What’s Inside … Read more

PacketOne (P1) Prepaid Wimax Wiggy Packages

Kudos to P1 for adding an alternative solution to Internet prepaid users. Although I use Streamyx at home, I have never used their hotspot service because they have limited coverage thanks to their strategic tie-ups with selected outlets only. Starbucks is definitely a place with good coffee and free WiFi, but the connection reliability dies … Read more

P1 Team Fixes and Enhances Malaysia Wimax Coverage Map

Few weeks ago, I received my promotional code for a 6-months free subscription of P1 Wimax. This was when I last visited the P1 Wimax booth at the third-leg of the PC Fair – along with the PC Fair booth babes. Naturally, first thing I wanted to know was if my area was covered. Plus, … Read more

P1 Website Upgrade Due to Customer Feedback

Remember how I was saying PacketOne (P1) wants to listen to customer feedback about their Wimax service in Malaysia? Well, their website upgrade proved to me they also listen to feedback on their website. I know this because I heavily recommended a number of things to their website manager during their P1 open floor discussion.

I’m also really happy about the upgrade because they’re not a company who listens and not do. This is the type of business culture many Malaysia companies don’t want to adapt. They don’t because they’re in fear of their bosses requests and because, they practically don’t want more work to do – though it helps them in the long term. But let me show you how the P1 website has been improved after the upgrade.

Read more

Simple Quickie: P1 Website Review, WordPress 2.7 and PC Fair III 2008

P1 Website Review They recently revamped their website after our P1 open floor discussion. While the rest of the attendees left, I actually stayed behind for another 30 minutes or so to advice how they could’ve improved their website. And to my surprised, they did just that within the next few weeks. Plus, I’m going … Read more