P1 Team Fixes and Enhances Malaysia Wimax Coverage Map

p1-packetone-networksFew weeks ago, I received my promotional code for a 6-months free subscription of P1 Wimax. This was when I last visited the P1 Wimax booth at the third-leg of the PC Fair – along with the PC Fair booth babes. Naturally, first thing I wanted to know was if my area was covered. Plus, I didn’t want to find out I’m only at the fringe of coverage.

During this ordeal, I tried almost all available options to find out my coverage. I viewed the coverage map online, submitted an online enquiry, SMS them, call them and lastly, visited the P1 Wimax centre. I was forced to visit their customer centre because the previous coverage map (also using Google Maps) wasn’t reliable. But I guess my personal complaint lodged whilst at the centre was taken seriously. 🙂

Behold, the enhanced P1 Wimax coverage map using Google Maps.

p1 wimax coverage zoom

What I love about it right now is the coverage areas are highlighted and there’s a compass you can move to see if your area is covered. Plus, I think the compass acts as the direction to where you face your P1 Wimax modem!

p1 wimax coverage map

Finally, a coverage map which is easier and more accurate as compared to most coverage maps developed by any other network company. 😀

Do you think P1 needs to have a weather forecast come network report in the coverage map?

11 Replies to “P1 Team Fixes and Enhances Malaysia Wimax Coverage Map”

  1. im still waiting for Wimax in kuching.. dunno how many years need to wait.. beat the hell out of streamyx

  2. weather forecast … will think about it in our next implementation… Thanks for your feedback..

  3. @horizon: Think it’s more difficult in East Msia with all those mountains. 😛

    @chong: Not really weather but status report when the weather is bad.

  4. I would like to see WiMax in my area, though there are highlighted in the map, but they are under maintenance (For few weeks from now). It’s the second time I re-register to P1, now I’ll have to hand back the modem another time! Dammit! They should highlight the under maintenance area as well.

    And I think those reseller/promoter need to be trained. They all look for getting the commission than giving me the real/full information.

  5. I concur with you there Wong. The maintenance notice is something TM keeps failing to provide it’s customers in need. This is where a blog would definitely come in much handy – system updates, downtimes, problems and etc.

  6. P1’s team is without doubt continuously building more towers and their technical team is always reading online to find out spots they need improvement. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have the balls to create a topic in Low Yat forums. 😛

    Simple answer, it’s fast in certain areas and when there’s no maintenance.

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