My Intel What’s Inside Contest Entries

The guesses for the contest though made easy, is really challenging. Because you only know it’s a Wimax-based product. However, you don’t know what’s the actual answer. Was it to guess:

  • The product?
  • The chip?
  • The name?

So many possibilities. Which I guess why its made it fun to participate. Oh, not forgetting, you could’ve submitted as many times as you wanted! :D

intel website screenshot
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Anyway, my guesses were:

Along with many other possibilities from Cougar Point to Sandy Bridge. However, these codenames were more about the chipset and platforms used. And all the answers were from the effort of digging with Google and researching from Intel to the web.

When it came to the slogan, I had a sudden inspiration to write a story instead. But I held back the desire and was a little more practical. So I submitted a more conventional slogan first.

I deserve to win prizes up to RM 2599 because…

it’s Intel inside and it’s a leap ahead to the future.

And since I could submit more guesses, I finally came up with the storyline.

there lived a meticulous one called; Wifi. And Wifi was like the goddess of compassion, sharing her love with anyone and everyone. Irregardless, poor or rich, Wifi always made it her best effort to please everyone.

However, Wifi’s partner was the Router. One who’s big and horrendous. Not to mention, the Router’s horns protruding out like it wanted to stab someone.

Many claimed Wifi and Router would live happily ever after. This was true, until the dashing Wimax visited the kingdom of Internet.

In honesty, I don’t dread slogans or the part of the contest which says “Tell us why in less than 15 words…” because it gives me the opportunity to be creative and playful with my words. :)

What were your guesses or slogans like?

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