P1 Rises with The Dark Knight to Promote MiFi – Its New Personal 4G WiFi Modem and Plans

P1 Rises with The Dark Knight to Promote MiFi - Its New Personal 4G WiFi Modem and Plans 1Kuala Lumpur, 27th of June 2012 – Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (P1) launches its new MiFi MF230 with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ movie blockbuster. The P1 MiFi (which stands for my personal WiFi) is a modem best suited for those who appreciate an affordable broadband onnection for all their WiFi-enabled devices while on the go.

P1 MiFi can serve broadband connection to six devices, five via WIFi and one via USB port.

“Many people have two or more devices that can include the laptop, smart phone, tablet, WiFi camera and gaming device. To connect all these devices with different broadband plans would be expensive and inconvenient. Everyone should get their own MiFi (personal 4G WiFi) and now they can”, says P1 CEO Michael Lai.

The pocket-size P1 MiFi modem is available for only RM100 with any standard P1 ToGo™ plan, its combo OnePlan™ or as an add-on to the ForHome™ plan. This means that the MiFi (personal 4G WiFi) can be as accessible as a once-off RM100 device fee plus a monthly fee of RM39. Those who seek performance can opt for the mid to high plans which offer uncapped speed and up to 10GB usage quota.

Competitor MiFi products range from RM250 to over RM400.

“P1 plans are designed for value. With P1 MiFi now available to more tech savvy Malaysians via our friendly price point, more of us can be like Batman whether men or women. Batman may not have superpowers but he can still rise to power and keep Gotham City safe assisted by his cool and sleek gadgets,” Michael said.

As part of the campaign, any P1 MiFi with plan purchase comes with exclusive ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ merchandise for a limited time while stocks last. To find out more about the P1 MiFi modem and plans, please visit www.p1.com.my/togo

Super Wiggy with P1 4G Portable Modem

After the Super Wiggy launch, bloggers were given the option to take home P1’s Super Wiggy device for a trial run. The new P1 Wiggy portable modem (UH235) has gone through an image surgery.

New Wiggy Image

Now colored in white, sporting a smooth curved finished on the top with a simple P1 logo stamped onto it. Besides the aesthetics, most notable change to me was its size. It’s not smaller, but bigger now!

size comparison
New Wiggy on the left.

Other notable product design changes to P1’s new Wiggy were:

  • The modem has a stand attached to the back.
  • Includes a hook to put it at the top of your laptop, facing outwards.
  • Includes a suction to stick it to your outer laptop cover or, toilet tiles?
  • The modem connects to your machine via a wired USB cable.

I suppose the size has been upscaled because the new Wiggy is suppose to deliver a stronger signal strength. However, I can’t confirm this because I’ve yet to test this device on the 15th floor of a building.

Is Wimax and 4G the same?

Technically, yes and no. When I posed the question to Jeck during the event launch, he briefly explained that P1 is calling it 4G to not confuse consumers with more jargon. At the same time, it’s believed there isn’t a 4G standard right now.

But in simpler terms, 3G is suppose to handle voice and 4G is suppose to handle data. Get it? 🙂

Speed and Coverage

P1 has been aggressively and consistently extending their coverage since they started. During the Wiggy launch event, it was mentioned they’d have covered nearly 80% of Malaysia; if memory serves me right, by next year.

In terms of speed, I’ve not been sponsored by P1 to travel from Kedah to Johor. So I can only share with you the speeds I’ve gotten at common places I’ve visited. 😛

wiggy speeds
Damansara Uptown
wiggy speeds
Kelana Jaya

It’s great having a strong signal and being connected. But I did experience a blind spot at Plaza Kelana Jaya. When I contacted P1 about it, it was my luck it seems that the signal wasn’t fully covered in that area. Therefore, coverage is growing but still not a blanket just yet.

Cost of my Wiggy

P1 is now promoting a savings of 50% on new Wiggy sign-ups. Reading the fine print, the 50% only applies on the 2nd and 3rd month of your bill. Boo.

p1 wiggy packages
Current P1 Wiggy promotion

I suppose for the price you can expect to pay for the starter plan of the new wiggy (UH235) is equivalent to your Streamyx home connection. In less words, sudah potong?

To be honest, I won’t be cutting mine soon. However, I personally feel the new Wiggy would be an awesome challenger or replacement to other mobile broadband solutions.

Now, if only the new Wiggy had a lower monthly rate for 1.5Mbps and a 5GB quota for say, RM50 a month? 😉