The Meaning of A Food Blogger

Sometime back, I was inspired by an article written about a Singaporean food blogger; ladyironchef, by Blogpress. The part of the interview which inspired me was when he said this: I do accept invitations for an invited food tasting session, but such tastings are non-obligatory; I reserve the right not to blog about it, and the restaurant … Read more

iPhone 3GS Launches in Singapore in July

News on the brand spanking awesome incoming new iPhone3GS is being widespread right now – especially in Singapore. Because apparently, official Singapore iPhone telco distributor; Singtel, will be launching the iPhone 3Gs on July 10th, 2009. Source: Lester Chan (this guy also plays, Team Fortress 2 😉 sw33t!) That’s right iPhone users, Singapore is getting … Read more

Malaysian 9 Year Old iPhone Application Developer

I’m beginning to feel there’s no such thing as too early to start anything right now. Plus, what surprised me is how our local Malaysia newspapers never picked this up. It’s already been plastered over at BBC News. What? Is it because he’s a Malaysian kid residing in Singapore? The boy; Lim Ding Wen, innocent … Read more

Malaysia and The Fair Usage Policy

Someone once told me, “Malaysians are as kiasu (selfish) as Singaporeans”. And I can’t help but agree to it in certain situations I’ve been in. Plus, I’d like to admit personally, I myself don’t like abiding to certain limitations. One of it being; limited Internet download capacity.

However, everything happens for a reason and every action has a reaction. From my discussion with the PacketOne staff, I’ve come to understand why the fair usage policy is inserted and practiced in Internet providers – not only Malaysia. But, how much do you think our capacity should be limited?

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Singtel Brings iPhone 3G to Singapore

SDK RoadmapIt’s finally here, people. And boy, do I have some great news to share. Just to underline the topic of the day, the iPhone 3G has officially landed on our neighbouring shores and makes it debut today, August the 22nd. Those of us who’ve been holding out on the iPhone 3G hit since July 11th, get your passports and vehicles fueled up, because this is gonna be one awesome trip you don’t wanna miss 😉 As of now, reports are already gushing in from the frontlines of Apple Stores all over the island next door, and from the pictures taken I believe this has marked Apple’s biggest event around these places in the last…. I don’t know, decade? One word, the queues. And of course, my fellow Malaysians, there’s another reason for us to join in the festivities.

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