PC Fair Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival

PC Fair Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 1Double happiness – yes or no? We’re still in the midst of the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival where crazy bargain hunters and shopaholic roam to conquer the malls. Then come August 1-3 the inaugural second leg of the PC Fair in Kuala Lumpur will begin. However, its bargains galore is no more now.

On the other hand, our annual PC Fair here have new reasons for geeks to flood the halls – Chicks. If you Googled up the Malaysia PC Fair, you’ll find throngs of blogs with photographs of not cool gadgets but either cute or pretty or simply, damn hot looking chicks. Read more to find 2 women waiting for you.


I’ve not worked up the courage to request for the ladies name and contact details yet. And no, it’s not to stalk them but to email them the photos after I’ve transferred them over. So yeah, PC Fair now isn’t so much about the great bargains but what we geeks call; booth babes.

On the other hand, I’ll be attending the coming PC Fair to do some shopping and to check out one of the Wimax providers. Someone in Low Yat mentioned P1 has a booth and we’ll be able to test run some of the products there. In my mind, I’m hoping there’ll be nice booth babes accompanying the products. What?! I’m a guy for crying out loud.

Also, the Wimax thread in the Low Yat forums are currently discussing the good response ping times by some trial users of the ones who managed to sign up for the P1 Wimax trials. I’m so envious of them. 🙁 It’s getting frustrating sharing an Internet connection in the household when you want to play Team Fortress 2 online.

Lastly, the Low Yat forum person mentioned P1 is holding a contest and is giving out five Canon printers and ten trendy 4 GB Pendrives as part of a contest. I’ve seen the form and it’s got a slogan for tie-breakers so time to dig up my dictionary.

Anyway, I’m aiming to buy myself a booth babe laptop 320GB and possibly a 2.5″ Vantec external casing at the fair. If anyone else would like to go hunt farm booth babes with me, I’m heading down to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on Friday probably around 11:00-11:30am. You coming?

Updated August 12, 2008:
I’ve added my PC Fair 2008 booth babe promoters photos.


12 Replies to “PC Fair Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival”

  1. Nuts. I just recalled I won’t be able to make it tomorrow. I’ve a full day of appointments. Sigh.

    It’ll be on Saturday morning then – I guess.

  2. wah using women to get people to click and read more is it. tsk tsk tsk. it works anyway . i’m here haha

  3. I guess everyone know that there is one place where u can get pc items at megasale price everyday, am I right?

    but just one thing that place doesnt have what pc fair has and that is a lot of hot chicks..huhu

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