The Wimax Malaysia Rollout Race Begins

The Wimax Malaysia Rollout Race Begins 1A Malaysian’s characteristic is procrastination. I, myself, admit as being a victim of procrastination too. Being in a procrastinating culture, we like the thrill and adrenaline of completing or delivering goals last minute. Same goes to the Malaysia Wimax rollout now as the authorized license holders are racing to meet the end of August deadline.

At first, there were 4 authorized Malaysia Wimax license holders; Green Packet Bhd, REDtone International Bhd, YTL E-Solutions Bhd and Asiaspace Dotcom Sdn Bhd. Now, we’ve only heard a lot of Packet One (P1) followed by YTL E-Solutions then REDtone. Can the Wimax license holders other than P1 meet the deadline? Can P1 easily scale-up not only to serve a few hundred customers but a few million?

I would so like to know and see how all 4 Wimax license holders pullout their stops this August. From the recent media conference by P1 announced:

P1 intends to hold an event on Aug 19 to announce the prices and speeds.

Source: The Star, InTech

Then, following close behind in The Edge Daily is the announcement by REDtone:

REDtone International Bhd is planning a soft launch of its high-speed Internet access service using WiMAX technology in Kota Kinabalu on Aug 20.

Source: The Edge Daily

Which now leaves YTL E-Solutions and Asiaspace. Where are they? What are they doing? Or, are we going to see the them hanging up their Malaysia Wimax licenses?

Well, it’s only less than 7 days now before P1 and REDtone introduces their packages, prices and other good news (I hope) to the public. I pray the wait all this while has been worth it as many are impatiently waiting for them to release this information – including me.

All this while it’s been about the technology and it’s speed – at least for P1 from the newspapers and PC Fair 2008. Consumers like myself already felt the speeds but where are the prices? I’m going to take their word for it when they said it in the article:

WiMAX service prices would be competitive, compared to what is being offered now by other broadband service providers. Prices for these range between RM60 and RM160 per month now for speeds that range from 384Kbps to 4Mbps.

I hope and expect the Malaysia Wimax monthly rates to be as competitive right of the bat. So we can all wave, kick kiss and say our farewell to TMNet Streamyx.

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  1. Yes, if Wimax rates are cheaper, I’ll say goodbye to Streamyx. The quality of Streamyx is not consistent – I’m getting irritated with it!

  2. would love to hear from the 1st generation adopters of wimax in klang valley about stability and speed once it’s out…

    can’t wait to see if this is an alternative to streamyx.

  3. foongpc:
    I’ve been irritated for a very long time. LOL!

    Vernon vernon. But I’ll join you. ROFL! 😛

    There’s not many reports in Klang Valley so far. Except for Setapak and selected areas of Subang. However, from what they’ve said is it’s consistent and no problems thus far.

    Nope. No news of their 2.5Ghz from what I know. The only Maxis one I know about is their 3G one. As for TMNet, I’d rather stick to Streamyx than sign for their Wimax plan. I don’t have to explain why. 😉

  4. oh my god danny, seems that you are keeping something instead of sharing out huh ? haha..

    But their price is affordable though, i might try Wimax instead of using streamyx, I get a lot down time this week..damn streamyx..and their customer service is realy sukx..!!

  5. Yes, it is true. Malaysian sales girls and models at Wimax look very cute. I wish I were in Malaysia so I could attend their events.

  6. rockstar:
    Well, many are standing in the middle due to its prices at the moment and lack of comparison between wired and wireless broadband. They believe both should cost the same.

    ka hoong:
    I wear got keep anything. In the end, it’s seeing how much one keeps track of the Wimax development at the moment. 😛

    Where you from dude? 🙂

  7. “authorized license holders are racing to meet the end of August deadline.”

    Well – as you know, August 31 came and went. As usual in Malaysia there is a loophole for every rule. I was talking to someone in the industry today – the August 31 deadline was simply for announcing the packages and proving that they have launched *SOME* services *SOMEWHERE*.

    Solution? P1 launched their services in a measly 5-6 locations in KL. YMax has a RM200 wireless modem hung up somewhere and has probably asked some passer-by to sign up for the service for free. God knows what REDTone and Asiaspace have done – maybe a mockery of the 31 Aug deadline like YMax.

    As far as my friend knows, YMax has NOT EVEN signed contracts with their equipment suppliers!!! P1 is just surveying the next areas to cover.

  8. Thanks for the inside industry information, Aka90210. The general public would definitely not realize what’s going on.

    Well, if P1 continues to survey and deploy it looks like they’ll lead the rest of the pack later. Though the success of Wimax is still seriously being questioned by many.

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