125GB Extra with P1’s 4G Broadband Plans

Petaling Jaya, 25 February 2013 – Malaysia and SEA’s 4G pioneer Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“P1”) today introduced new broadband plans that offer substantially more quota at an affordable price. The plan is designed to meet the Internet lifestyle demands of today’s consumers who require more and more bandwidth.

According to P1 CEO Michael Lai, bandwidth or usage quota for the Internet is like petrol for the car. The more you have, the further you can explore. He added, “A lot of people today surprised by their high bandwidth consumption and how much it’s costing them. Usage quota can deplete fast just from audio streaming, downloading of large files, or if you engage in peer-to-peer file sharing among others.”

He further added, “At P1, our home users consume an average usage of 17GB per month; this is a 70% increase from four and a half years ago when we first offered our services to Malaysians.  For nomadic users, average consumption was 6.3GB per month, and is on an increasing trend in view of the highly mobile lifestyle.”


As part of the new promotion, P1 is giving 25GB extra quota at 5GB per month in the first five months of subscription to the new ForHome™ (wireless fixed access plan for home use) and OnePlan™ (wireless fixed and mobile combo plan for home and on-the-go use) subscribers. And if subscribers trade in their old USB dongle, they will be given an additional 100GB!

Both plans offer fixed access speeds of up to 4Mbps, while the on-the-go broadband speed of the OnePlan™ is up to 1Mbps. The plans come with WiFi and voice enabled desktop modem for home use and a complementary phone with up to 200 free call minutes per month which users can make calls to local fixed and mobile numbers plus 10 popular IDD destinations.  With OnePlan™, subscribers will also be receiving a complimentary Personal 4G WiFi (MiFi) modem for outdoor use. Monthly subscription fee for the ForHome™ plan starts from as low as RM69 while the OnePlan™ starts from RM99. P1 is also offering subscribers a 7-day free trial at no obligation.

For young or top executives on-the-go, they can now enjoy the new ToGo™ plan that offers an extra usage quota of 25GB given automatically to subscribers at 5GB per month in the first five months of subscription, adding on to the already high quota of up to 10GB.  The plan sees optimum uncapped speeds, depending on the subscription.  It also comes with a free MF230 MiFi modem, or subscribers can opt for the new MX230 MiFi modem that connects up to 8 WiFi devices simultaneously.  With prices from as low as RM39 per month, fast and affordable connectivity is what P1 is all about.

“At P1, we understand customers want instant, fast and affordable broadband. We also believe in going the extra mile for our customers to ensure they get the best P1 experience,” said Michael Lai.

Voted as the Best Wireless Home Broadband at the 2012 GoMobile Awards, P1 currently has over half a million subscribers nationwide, and has extensive coverage in Peninsular and East Malaysia.

For more information on any of the plans please visit www.p1.com.my/hotdeals/.

Project Renaissance by Mindvalley

It was an awesome gathering of Mindvalley staff, invited guests and they made the launch really mattered. There was even a capoeira performance and when I left, I heard they even brought out the samba dancers!


So…what is Project Renaissance?

In a nutshell, tertiary education will be free for all. Malaysia will be having more successful entrepreneurs below 30s. There would be an easy access to mentors. More tribes for learning different things will emerge and facilitate the course of creating a sustainable environment of entrepreneurs. Plus, there would be an alternative facility for funding startups who have the vision of a world-class product.

The movement for Project Renaissance I gathered is to replicate successful experiments which have happened at Mindvalley to push Malaysia forward as the startup scene of the world.

The event kicked off with the person from PDI Design behind the concept of the Mindvalley office which has won them awards. Progressing into the introduction and person behind Mindvalley; Vishen.

Who then brought up successful tribes which started in Mindvalley; WebampKL and Incitement. Wrapping up with one of the most awesome events which is being brought to Asia; Awesome Fest Asia.

The event was no less than awesome and I always could find myself recharged after attending a happening at Mindvalley. It may be the office, the people or even the energy contained on the floor.

Project Renaissance wouldn’t be something you would see happen soon. However, believe me when I say that it’s ongoing affects would change the Internet industry here in Malaysia.

One which is for the better. And I’m excitingly looking forward to it!