Web web web

It’s a webby webby Sunday and tomorrow is a Monday with still another assignment to rush for Wednesday. This is what too much work can do to you. That is why what you need to do is throw the work aside, surf the Internet aimlessly and hope to find some radical stuff. On my journey … Read more

Need urgent help pricing yourself?

Well, this is a question many starting designers out there would be wondering. This might not suit the pros already in the field who might have a year’s experience as this is merely basic. Anyway, I was cleaning out my Hotmail inbox and read up some articles I kept from awhile back. This was one … Read more

Angelceres Redesigned

I was suppose to revamp the design on Unicorn Sweetheart’s blogger but turns out she had gotten a cute doggy template. So with one less project out of my hands, I thought I had only 1 left which is my friend’s photography website but my girl hinted that she too wanted a design for herself. … Read more

ThatChiq.com & LUCTs Web 2004

Alright, I should have actually posted this sooner but didn’t exactly get the chance to do so. Instead of talking about just website, I’m going to be kinda analysing 2 websites that I found really interesting. They are ThatChiq.com and a website I’d never knew I’d revist it again, LimKokWing.edu.my. Here’s a screen each of … Read more

Things to share

To acknowledge the first post of my web category, I’m going to deliver something all would-be designers should know. Top 10 Lies told to Naive Artists and Designers – by Mark W. Lewis 1. “Do this one cheap (or free) and we’ll make it up on the next one.” No reputable business person would first … Read more


First and foremost, warmest regards to old visitors and also new. Here’s a small history of my blogging path. I started my first blog when I was still in college somewhere last year. That was when I could only afford space by sharing with friends. Back then, each of the shareholders was only allocated 20MB … Read more