Intel Core i5 Official Launch Event

The Intel Core i5 was officially launched September 15, 2009. As an Intel Insider, I was invited to the event where Intel’s distributors and partners would attend too. The event was really insightful and they did their best to make it not for the tech-savvy, I’d say.

Here’s a summary of events in a montage. Click on the image for a larger version.


In a list, the event agenda was:

  • Lunch – loved the beef!
  • Welcome remarks by MC.
  • Speech by Simon Chan (Intel Malaysia, Sales Manager)
  • Speech by Ryaz Patel (Intel Malaysia, Country Manager)
    • 3D rendering demo of Alamaya
    • Music rendering demo by Roland Asia Pacific
  • Press conference

I don’t want to get geeky on you so I’ll leave the technical benefits of the new Intel Core processors out. However, what I can tell you from the demos and presentations was:

The new Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors were made for performance. If you have the money (moolah) to upgrade, get an Intel Core i7 right away and you’ll have no problems with most of your workload. Be it Photoshop, 3D, music or video.

And watch out for Goldfries. He’s got an engineering sample for review! 🙂

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