Akamai Introduces Two New Managed Security Service Offerings to Kona Family of Cloud Security Solutions

Kuala Lumpur, 16 April 2015 – Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services, today introduced two new managed security service offerings available as part of the Company’s Cloud Security Solutions. Managed Kona Site Defender and Kona DDoS Defender are designed to provide customers with both proven security technology and world‑class security expertise to protect their websites and web applications from malicious activity, keeping them online and providing high performance, even in the midst of an attack.

For many enterprises, protecting against the wide ranging and constantly evolving security threats targeting web applications and websites requires more than just technology. Dedicated and specialised security expertise, able to identify and respond to the latest threats while maintaining availability and protecting sensitive data is just as important. Faced with competing business objectives and limited IT budgets, many IT organisations simply do not have the time, resources, or expert staff necessary to provide the best possible security for their websites and web applications.

For such organisations, Akamai is now making available two new offerings – Managed Kona Site Defender and Kona DDoS Defender. These newly introduced services are designed to provide customers with 24×7 monitoring and attack support through Akamai’s globally distributed Security Operations Center (SOC), staffed by more than 100 security experts at five locations worldwide. The Akamai global SOC teams, which average more than 10 years of collective web security experience and have earned crucial certifications such as CISSP, CISA, GPEN, GSEC, CEH, GSEC, GIAC, GWAPT, and MSIS,  helps protect online brands from the web’s most insidious attacks every day.

Backed by Akamai’s threat research teams and Akamai Cloud Security Intelligence, the Akamai SOC provides a collective security model that can help organisations effectively respond to even the newest threats on the web. Akamai’s managed security services are designed to decrease response time and increase mitigation quality for all customers by institutionalising mitigation techniques and lessons learned beginning with the first time a single customer is attacked.

Akamai’s new managed security services include:

  • Managed Kona Site Defender: An integrated web security service designed to augment an enterprise’s existing Kona Site Defender deployments with Akamai’s 24×7 SOC, resulting in more hands on protection against the latest DDoS and web application attacks. Managed Kona Site Defender offers emergency incident response with 24×7 monitoring and attack support as well as on-going management of customers’ security configurations and WAF tuning, regular threat update reviews and security drill facilitation.
  • Kona DDoS Defender: A managed DDoS protection service that combines the advanced DDoS mitigation technologies of the Kona product family with Akamai’s 24×7 SOC. Kona DDoS Defender provides automated protection for websites and web applications against today’s most common DDoS attacks as well as custom analysis and mitigation of the latest and most sophisticated attacks.

“Web attacks are  increasing in frequency, scale and complexity, and a successful attack can result in denial of service, the theft of user data, or significant financial loss, all of which can create serious implications for the business,” stated John Summers, vice president, Cloud Security, Akamai. “To build robust, long-term security strategies, enterprises need to consider going beyond simply employing the right security technology. Access to experts who are able to keep up with the changing threat landscape and provide round the clock support to identify and thwart potential attacks is a critical element to that successful security strategy.”

Akamai Cloud Security Intelligence Provides Foundation for New Advanced, Data-driven Cloud Security Services

Kuala Lumpur, 16 April 2015 Recognising the crucial role data analytics play in more effectively fighting cloud security threats, Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services, today unveiled the foundation underpinning its award-winning Cloud Security Solutions. Known as Akamai Cloud Security Intelligence, a data processing engine within the Akamai Intelligent Platform, the engine is used to continuously analyse more than two Petabytes of data related to web security threats. Akamai uses the resulting intelligence to not only continuously update and improve the Kona Site Defender application security rule set, but also provides the framework around which innovative offerings, such as the newly available Kona Client Reputation solution are built.

In an increasingly hostile and complex online environment, protecting web properties from potentially harmful activities can be daunting. For security professionals, understanding the “true intent” of web clients, as well as how to counter the ever-changing nature of attack vectors, is crucial to protecting their organisations’ websites and applications. Through the ability to analyse more than 20 Terabytes of daily web attack traffic associated with hundreds of millions of unique IP addresses on an hourly basis, the Akamai Cloud Security Intelligence is designed to provide more comprehensive insight into how malicious actors are attacking web properties, which in turn can be used to inform the direction of Akamai’s Cloud Security Solutions.

Security professionals can benefit from the power of Akamai’s Cloud Security Intelligence through two newly introduced offerings:

  • Kona Client Reputation: Akamai’s unprecedented view of web traffic gives the Company access to more web client data than any other security provider. That data, combined with a proprietary query language and advanced heuristics and algorithms creates a reputation “score” for every IP address that crosses the platform. As important, this score can adapt over time, based on on-going data analysis of IP address activity. Potentially hazardous traffic is classified as DDoS attackers, vulnerability scanners, web attackers or web scrapers and further rated according to the likelihood of danger associated with the client. The rating system is specifically designed to give security professionals greater insight and flexibility in defining which clients to block and which to let through. Further, by injecting scores into request headers, Kona Client Reputation data can feed into back-end security systems. Internal testing of Kona Client Reputation shows the solution is able to stop an average of up to eight times as many malicious requests than using Kona Site Defender alone. Kona Client Reputation is deployed as an add‑on option to Akamai Kona Site Defender.

One organisation already benefitting from Kona Client Reputation is leading office supply retailer Staples. According to Brian MacKinnon, a senior security consultant, Ecommerce, at the company, “Client Reputation has been critical in helping us make quicker and more informed security decisions, improving our ability to effectively protect our sites from attack and data theft. Akamai provides us new visibility about malicious traffic at our fingertips and helps watch over us when and where we’re not looking.”

  • Improved Kona Rule Set: Responding to a consistently evolving threat landscape requires the agility to quickly block malicious activity without hampering legitimate traffic. Already proven to deliver industry leading false positive and false negative rates, the improved Kona Rule Set has been developed based on on-going analysis of more than two Petabytes of security-related data delivered by Akamai Cloud Security Intelligence and conducted by Akamai’s threat research team. The resulting Kona Rule Set, which is available to all Kona Site Defender customers at no additional cost, has shown an approximately 30 percent decrease in reporting false positives and false negatives, helping security professionals ensure that more malicious traffic is being blocked while at the same time allowing more legitimate traffic to pass.

“Companies around the world have come to rely on Akamai’s Cloud Security Solutions to keep their web sites and applications not only up and running, but also highly performant, in the face of attack,” explained John Summers, vice president, Cloud Security, Akamai. “The Akamai Cloud Security Intelligence data analysis engine provides a solid foundation from which we’re able to make our existing Akamai Cloud Security Solutions even smarter and provide a framework upon which new cloud security solutions can be built. The ultimate goal is to continue delivering technology designed to keep our customers’ online businesses protected in the face of an ever changing threat landscape.”

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