Apple Changes Everything. Again.

This morning was Apple’s most-talked about event; Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, also known as WWDC. It’s the event for Apple evangelists and enthusiasts because it’s in this event new products are announced, shown and launched.

It’s got so much attention, even us Malaysians were staying up in the wee hours of the morning following updates from gadget blogs like Mashable, Engadget and others.

Here’s proof of talks going on while I was sleeping this morning.

malaysian twitter users discussing apple wwdc
Twitter talk

Right now, Twitter environment is filled with desire and discussion of the spanking new Apple iPhone 4 too. Article sharing of how an Apple iPhone 4 would compare to the newly released HTC Evo 4G powered by Google’s Android and others.

And when Apple does a new product launch or upgrade, they make it a statement. Especially, in their website as you can refer below.

apple website promoting iphone 4
You want it?

Now, which Malaysia brand you know of with confidence like this?

Apple iPhone 3GS is Accessible to Disabled Users

iphone-malaysiaLast year I attended a website accessibility conference organized by the Malaysian Association of the Blind (MAB) and there I made friends with a blind user who’s a geek in person; Moses Choo. Bet you’d have never expected a disabled user to be a geek.

Well, Moses is a geek because he recently shared with me news of the Apple iPhone 3GS is being made usable for the blind. Recently, the NST did an article on how the Apple iPhone 3GS has a feature called; VoiceOver, enabled blind users to use the Apple iPhone 3GS. Now, that is really cool.

I’d show you guys the video demonstration NST recorded of Moses and his friends using the Apple iPhone 3GS but I don’t want to be blamed for hotlinking their video.

If the NST editor or web team reads this, please implement an embed function to your videos. Or even better, host them on YouTube so anyone can share it.

Nonetheless, here’s a screenshot of the video.


And Moses has this message he wants to share with Apple and all Apple iPhone owners around the world:

While many of us have been spending money to purchase a software to install onto a mobile phone, Apple has come out with a phone that has a built in speech application. Though the phone is still rather expensive and beyond most malaysians, we need to join all our friends from the rest of the world to congratulate Apple for their initiative. What we can hope for is the cost to come down.

As much a geek he is, he too feels the economic pinch to afford an Apple iPhone. Well, maybe Apple could plan a scheme for the disabled to purchase Apple iPhone’s at special prices.

Who knows, it might happen. Also, I know Moses reads my blog from time to time. So I’d like to thank him for sharing with me this news. 🙂