Economic Downturn versus Creative Marketing

money pileMarketing as some say is only a gimmick. However, marketing plays an important role of gaining business and winning over competitors. Just like how Absolut positioned itself with it’s creative marketing campaigns, I love the creative form of marketing. Turning and twisting simple ideas into mind boggling yet interesting (or interactive) visuals.

Especially in times of turmoil; economic downturn, financial crisis is transforming from rumour into reality all around the world. But I’d believe creative marketing is a force for it to be reckon against. Here’s one I found today. A very simple idea but a catchy one.

i wear your shirt screenshot

There’s been the Million Dollar Homepage, the lady who sold her forehead for advertising, the man who sold his life and now creative marketing has led to; I wear your shirt.

How this works is Jason (owner and wearer) will sell what he calls the “face value” of each for 2009. This means January 1 is $1 and December 31 is $365.

You might’ve guessed he won’t be earning big dollars from this marketing campaign. But it sure does generate some buzz, hence the brand and product awareness through the media. If something like this were replicated in Malaysia, I’m going to guess it’ll take off.

After all, we’ve already seen Joyce shave her head for charity like some others. Who knows, Kenny Sia might want to auction his chest in future. 😛

What’s the most creative marketing campaign you’ve seen in Malaysia?