How Effective Post Titles Affect Your Blog?

Currently, I’m doing research for a project and I’ve been asking for websites which accentuate colors. And an online friend; hinching, recommended me Devlounge on Twitter.

@dannyfoo try and have a look at their Friday focus posts. I think there was a colour theme a while back. πŸ™‚

Well, it was a great recommendation and I found some ideal stuff to include into my mood board from their Friday Focus archives.

While I was browsing, I noticed their post titles changed from having a date with context to only the date of the issue. What’s the difference? Have a look a for yourself.


If you were browsing the archives of a blog and the post titles didn’t summarize the post content, imagine what you’d have to do. Well, next thing I knew, I had to scan the truncated post excerpts and seriously, that’s time consuming.

So having an effective post title does not only affect SEO. It fundamentally also affects your users who are looking for something. πŸ™‚

Provide Information Customers Want

Like you, customers have their own objectives when they visit your website. It could be to find a product, find a service, learn about you or even, to only get your contact details.

But, what if you had too much trouble finding the information or understanding it?


Will you refer your colleagues or friends this website? Maybe. Probably. Possibly. Well, stop it.

Start providing information your customers want and can find easily in your website.Β Start a sitemap.

You’re halfway toΒ design a website made for users. πŸ™‚