FlyFM Twitter Users Exposed Their Own Mobile Numbers

It’s not the first time someone or an organization accidentally exposed their fans personal details. Does anyone remember the time Youth Malaysia exposed more than 300 blogger’s emails? Yup, that was like a year ago in 2008.

Well, looks like it’s happening even on Twitter now. Except this time, the mechanics run by a radio station to giveaway freebies exposes their fans personal mobile numbers.


Maybe it was out of sheer excitement the Malaysian Twitter users forgot whatever they published on Twitter was publicly viewable on another user’s account, unless the user protected their updates. But, seriously, this was a very bad practice when you’re using social media.

It’s nearly the same scenario as how you don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry to add you in Facebook. And I bet we all remember the social network which had the problem. Which was why I moved to Facebook.

So anyway, you might want to remind yourself to not pass personal details publicly over social media. Most social media platforms offer a direct method to communicate with another user. Otherwise, you might want to not ask users for personal details over a public channel.

5 Replies to “FlyFM Twitter Users Exposed Their Own Mobile Numbers”

  1. aaron: LOL! I was about to SMS you. 😛

    saimatkong: I think they learnt up quite fast coz after the short responses by some Malaysia social media evangelists, they didn’t request for that anymore. 🙂

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