Blogged MY Challenges Project Petaling Street

Malaysia bloggers who ping Project Petaling Street (PPS) would already realize a change in the face of PPS. At the same time, Project Petaling Street is now now under new management.

As for the future and what’s to be expected from PPS, I’m going to have to ask the new management soon. In the meantime, there’s a new alternative to Project Petaling Street for Malaysia bloggers to share their blog and ping. It’s called Blogged.MY and I’ve done a short interview with the creator. website screenshot

1. Who is behind
Well, me (Teow Wee). Mostly a blog reader but I do have photoblog at

2. Why create
I thought the current breed of local (Malaysian) blog ping aggregators are not good enough and lacking certain features and nobody is doing anything about it. It was time to get my hands dirty, so to speak.

3. Are there plans for world domination? If Yes, care to share the vision?
World domination? Wow.. it’s still early days, so we’ll see 🙂

4. Any plans of working together with Nuffnang/Advertlets or organizers of blogger communities?
It would be interesting to work together with them in the future. But currently, I doubt they even know exists yet. only went into public beta in February this year btw.

5. How does plan to sustain itself now and the near future?
At the moment it’s running out of my own pocket, but in the future I hope it’ll be self-sustainable in one way or another. In an ideal world since this is a community project, donations to fund the server will be the way to go. However we don’t live in an ideal world so there must be other ways to generate funding. The possibility of requiring sponsorship from commercial blogs that uses’s services is there.

I’ll do a follow-up interview with Teow Wee maybe end of the year or when there’s massive change to Blogged.MY. But from what I’ve found, I already like the new ping aggregator – besides, no advertising.

It looks good and there’s features to rate posts, bookmark them, avatars, content filtering (24 hours, week, month and year) and an auto-ping capability by adding your blog feed after you create a new account.

My recommendations to Blogged.MY would be:

  • More content, less visual. (Example: Smaller avatars, more fresh pings.)
  • Remove most popular area and have an easy to select filter.
  • Keep the login fields on the bar. No need for fancy show and hide.

Well, I hope this’ll help you Teow Wee and I’m really looking forward to how Blogged.MY grows and evolves into Malaysia’s preferred ping anggregator. 🙂

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  1. Interestingly during the closed beta test, some asked for bigger (!) avatars. The reasoning was; it’s easier to skim through the list to identify your favourite bloggers. Whether that’s a good idea or not remains to be seen.

    Will keep in mind the other recommendations though!

    Btw, it’s ‘Teow Wee’ instead of as stated.

  2. I like it fine so far, especially the automatic ping which is very useful.
    The ‘most popular’ is fine for me, but the problem with them is that they become self-fulfilling prophecies, as people are most likely to link on them.

    As you say, some other filters could be nice – I dunno how it would work, but perhaps based on how people categorise their blog, or key word/tag searches…

  3. I am surprised I am getting traffic from ‘cos usually new ventures rarely get much attention. I also agree the popular posts section is better shifted down, giving priority to latest ping first.

  4. Teow Wee:
    Sorry about that. I’ve corrected it. 🙂

    Well, we could keep the avatars but probably place it beside the pings instead of below. Optimize the usage of the 1024 x 728 resolution.

    I was thinking of having a simpler click to select what’d you like to see. So it could encompass the timeline and yes, like you said, genre maybe.

    You so ber-famous mar. And I believe it’s cause Teow Wee gave you a special recognition on the sidebar of Blogged.MY. 😛

    Anyway, help spread the word people. Let’s see Blogged.MY become the primary ping aggregator in Malaysia.

  5. Julian:
    It’s true, those in the ‘most popular’ tend to stay there for a while. However the the ping ranking’s weights can be adjusted, i.e. clicks from the popular box don’t count as much as those from the fresh ping list.

    I believe I’ve explained it before, it’s quite difficult to categorise blogs as people tend to write about everything, not just one particular topic in a single blog, hence in order to do categorisation, each and every ping must be categorised automatically using some sophisticated algorithm which I’ve yet to figure out.

    Danny: was designed to accommodate a minimum of 800px width resolution. I know most computers these days don’t run on such low res, but not everyone is using a computer to access, I tend to use a mobile device to do so myself.

    There’s no special recognition to anyone on the side bar. If you’re referring to the “Recent Referrers”, anyone’s blog can be there as long you place a link to on your blog and send visitors there. This is all done automatically.

  6. titan:
    The way works and looks has nothing to do with The similarity in the name is purely incidental, unintentional and tangential.

  7. Teow Wee:
    Technically, personal blogs can be called ‘General’. And tech blogs are tech. Good bloggers can distinguish what are their blogs mainly about.

    And the resolution shouldn’t affect the browsing experience (unlike optimizing for the iPhone). To cater for mobiles, you normally would write a mobile stylesheet. That’s what Simpleet helped do in HLB’s mobile version. But you’ll need to do much planning to execute for mobile.

    Ah, never knew the referrers were automatic. Cool-ness!

    I do hope so. Spread the word and love of Blogged.MY. 🙂

  8. Danny:
    But tech blogs can sometimes write about politics, etc. It would be weird to go to the tech category and see political issues being discussed. That’s what I’m concerned about.

    Ah, in my case the mobile device will be the Nokia N800 which has a full fledged gecko based browser, so the resolution does count there. I did thought about making a xhtml mobile version of, but it’s pretty pointless. Blogs that we link to don’t have a mobile version anyway.

  9. Your ping site looks interesting, is your main competitor Project Petaling Street only?

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