My Samsung L760 is Slim, Light and Boring

Apple iPhone on Samsung L760 It’s difficult expressing my true feelings for the Samsung L760 because I’ve already got an Apple iPhone in Malaysia. Although the Samsung L760 is lighter and almost as slim as the Apple iPhone, the former appears to me as boring.

I guess it’s monochromatic navigation compared to the colourful icon appearance of the Apple iPhone makes me lost for words. That said, I suppose I’m overly used to viewing full colour icons even when I was still using my Sony Ericsson W800i. Besides the interface, I’ve been pampered by the Apple iPhone in Malaysia with its cool features like surfing the web and typing on a QWERTY keyboard.

On the other hand, I don’t want to bias with my Apple iPhone in Malaysia therefore would compare the Samsung L760 more with my current Sony Ericsson W800i. As you know, I mentioned the text messaging with the Samsung L760 requires unnecessary steps. This really puts me off every time I’m messaging someone because I just have to go through Options > Send and not just hit the green call button.

I admit not having gone through every single nook and cranny of the Samsung L760 so there might be hidden jewels inside. For instance, the RSS Reader is definetely a handy thing to have while on the go. But the disadvantage for me is that I’m not on 3G so it’s rather costly getting feeds and possibly reading the article later. And I just found out Maxis has enabled 3G for Hotlink users as well – woohoo!

I guess the next thing I need to do now is drop into my nearest Maxis centre or authorized dealer and ask them to upgrade my simcard to a 3G capable simcard. But before that, I’d better use the Samsung PC Studio to backup all my contacts and messages.

Speaking about that, I haven’t tried backing up the mentioned using the Samsung PC Studio software. My testimonial for the software at the moment is it transfers pictures and videos out really fast. Faster than my Sony Ericsson W800i and as fast as my Apple iPhone in Malaysia. I don’t know if it’s the USB connections standard in the Samsung L760 or the software but it’s great. Thank you for that, Samsung!

And thanks to Samsung Malaysia once again! Because if I do win this phone with my blog, I’ll be giving it away to the commenter with the most creative comment with the theme “I want the Samsung L760!”

At the moment there have been no takers so if you’d like a free Samsung mobile phone the coming Christmas season, start crafting that comment. If no one wants to claim the phone if I do win it, I’ll probably give it away or do some business with it.

This is a video clip I recorded using the Samsung L760 on the day of the TechARP Samsung event. The speaker standing and talking is Lawrence from Samsung Malaysia. The quality is bad now because it was recorded in 128 x 96 then YouTube blew it to proportion.

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  1. Urm, what model of Nokia are you using?

    The ‘brick’ phone – Nokia 3310?

    If that’s your phone, it’s a classic phone and should be kept in your display if you’re not using it. I still love that phone. 🙂

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