Malaysia Apple iPhone and Samsung L760

I’ve been recently preoccupied with work, team building, Apple iPhone deals and a free new spanking Samsung L760 mobile phone. I now have 2 free mobile phones in hand – Apple iPhone (which I love to bits) and the unreleased Samsung L760. To be honest, if you were a blogger and wanted to participate in TechARP’s Samsung-Tech ARP Bloggers TT Sessions you could have done so from their website.

The seats were limited to 30 bloggers and only 25 of them were taken. Plus, as a participating blogger I got free lunch at Fasta Pasta at the first session. There are 2 sessions which require our attendance, October 20 and November November 24. Give or take, we’re having the Samsung phones for a period of 1 month.

TechARP AdrianThe event organized by TechARP at Fasta Pasta was a different experience for me. Simply because I’ve never been invited as a blogger to trial run products especially unreleased ones. Besides listening to Lawrence (Samsung support) guide us on the blogging function, Adrian (TechARP) briefed us on what was required while we were having the phones. Obviously, we’re not allowed to sell the phones but the part I appreciate most is we’re given full freedom to blog about the Samsung L760 whether good or bad. Given this blogging responsibility is what I prefer when doing any review or writeup for anyone.

You might be asking; why is Samsung Malaysia lending bloggers these unreleased phones? Well, it’s because the device has a mobile blogging application powered by Shozu. The Shozu mobile application has a Share-It application which allows you to post photos and videos to popular places like:

  • Blogger
  • flickr
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Typepad
  • Webshots
  • Windows Live Space
  • LiveJournal
  • Vox
  • BBC
  • CNN
  • Even through email and FTP
  • View full list

Here are some pictures I took of the Samsung L760 mobile phone. It’s easily confused with the U-series because a friend of mine said that when he first saw it.

Samsung L760 by Samsung Phone on box Phone and Box 2 Phone package contents Apple iPhone and Samsung L760

Generally, the Samsung L760 phone is a comfortable slider mobile device to use. The first obstacle or puzzle I had to solve was where the simcard was inserted. It was at the event someone mentioned it was between the battery and cover. Once booted up, the phone was already preset for Maxis 3G users because the phone has 3G support. Too bad though since I’m on prepaid thus can’t take advantage of this.

The second puzzle I was trying to figure out was how to shuffle the words when using the T9 dictionary. Giving up trying to find it on my own, I resorted to the manual and noticed it was located on the 0 button.

Like the Apple iPhone when I first used it, the keypad does require a little getting used to. The precaution you have to take note when using this phone is not sliding the phone close when you’re in the middle of typing an SMS. By default the slider setting is set to Cancel Operation though you can set it Continue Operation. However, what I find tedious when sending an SMS is I can’t click the Call button to send an SMS after I’m done typing. I have to click Options then Send. What I’m trying to say is I’ve to go through unnecessary steps just to send 1 SMS.

Besides the SMS, I’ve also been playing with the camera and other settings. But I’ll keep those for my next post later on as I’d like to tell you that Samsung is giving out 50 cash vouchers. In order to qualify for the voucher, you need to answer a simple 5 question survey by clicking the banner. Albeit it saying it’s to help me win, this is what I’ve decided even I did win.

I will giveaway the Samsung L760 if I do win. How will I do this?

Well, the simplest way is for you to take the survey and leave the most creative comment with the theme “I want the Samsung L760!” on the series of posts I’ll be doing on this mobile phone. I’m sure others will benefit using this phone more than me. After all, I already have the Malaysia Apple iPhone and my Sony Ericsson.

So if you’d like to win the Samsung L760 mobile phone, just take the survey and leave that creative comment of yours.

p/s: I’ll know if you cheated since TechARP has a system behind the survey already. 😛

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5 Replies to “Malaysia Apple iPhone and Samsung L760”

  1. I like the idea of blogging on phone. But the practically of it (keypads, etc.), hmm… I’m still a sceptic. 😀

  2. Well, it’s mobile blogging per say but as far as I’ve seen Shozu as a mobile application, it’s only sharing the visual media from the phone. Not so much of typing a long blog post.

    That I’ll do better with my Apple iPhone. 😛

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