Free Movie Screening of Hulk The Movie Today

I’ll be attending the AllMalaysian Bloggers Projects; Smashin’ Gathering for Bloggers, this morning. It’s a gathering for bloggers registered under AMBP who’ve been specially invited. Today’s gathering agenda will host a number of speakers like:

  • Aizuddin Danian (Founder of Project Petaling Street)
  • Kimberly Low (Malaysia blogger)
  • Peter Tan (Malaysia blogger)
  • Chin Vin Sen (Cinema Online)
  • Rohan Thomas (Microsoft Malaysia)

So how do you get the free movie screening for the movie; Hulk?

Well, the movie starts at 3:00PM but I most likely won’t be able to make it. I wouldn’t want to waste the free screening and the time the AMBP team used up organizing this. Therefore, I’m opening my 2 seats to you (readers).

What I’ll do is inform Michael A. Fredericks I’m passing my passes on to someone else. Because I’m not releasing my phone number here or have time to check emails while I’m there, anyone can redeem the tickets. Therefore, it’ll be a first come first serve basis to whoever is at Outpost, Cineleisure Damansara and comes up to me later. So if you want to watch it, spot me and ask me. 🙂

Disclaimer: I’ll not be held liable on any account if Michael or anyone of the AMBP refuses me to pass my tickets to anyone unregistered with AMBP.

4 thoughts on “Free Movie Screening of Hulk The Movie Today”

  1. Oh well…next time then. My bad as I too only learned I couldn’t make it not sooner.

    Anyway, lookout for the next event at AMBPs website. You can win tickets to Hancock. 🙂

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