Blog Review: What's This Then?

The recent blog review I did for Dustyhawk caught the attention of Pennywise who own’s the blog What’s This Then? and he requested in the comments that I reviewed his blog too. So before beginning, allow me to explain first that what I might discuss upon be personal preference based and if you can’t take the feedback then you shouldn’t have asked for a review in the first place.

Alright, so the first thing we’re going to do is categorize the type or genre of this blog. It’s title says it’s a blog about Humour, Technology and News and sure enough all the posts or topics have been covering the generalisation of all these contents.

what's this then screenshotContent wise I’d say the author pretty much can’t make a mistake about the wrong copy to post because his generalisation has covered all bases. However, there are some things you should note about the content. Some are stale that you might’ve heard and quite a lot of it are sourced from different areas.

One of the improvements I see needed to be made on the post is to always have a ‘continue reading entry’ statement if there’s more content to offer. Some of the entries didn’t have this text but only a representational […] which to a normal reader doesn’t mean anything.

The layout looks like a kinda upgraded Kubrick theme. The main navigation of the blog is placed in an awkward top right corner that I believe most people miss seeing it. I’d have that moved down below the banner if possible.

There’s a clear border in differentiation between the content and the sidebar. On the other hand, the sidebar suffers from what most blogs today suffer. Clutter.

It’s pretty bad already since the text size on the sidebar is smaller but making it clutter just because the text size allows you to do doesn’t provide an enjoyable navigational experience to your readers.

The only thing clear on the sidebar to me is the promotion of Google’s Toolbar for Firefox, Google’s Adsense button, Google Adwords referral button, the picture of IT – Stephen King’s character, and the black bolded text for each section.

The rest of the links look like copyright text which I don’t want to strain myself trying to read them. So like the advice I gave Dustyhawk, this area needs to be spring cleaned and the text size needs to be bigger.

The Links and Contact button doesn’t take you anywhere, not even a Coming Soon page so I’m wondering why the author hasn’t removed them yet.

Overall, I do not find any value of content in this blog and it might be better of considered as a personal journal type blog.

8 Replies to “Blog Review: What's This Then?”

  1. Yeah, I kinda noticed it Xaph. And the funniest part is that we’ve already got about 2 local blog reviewers. Oh well, gives me a chance to share.

    And as long I’m not bias and speak my mind and heart about what I love the most, it’ll still be all good. 😉

  2. If this keeps up, I’m soon going to need a seperate page to keep track of reviews. 😉

    Anyway, I suppose you’re in queue Ikram. Cheers.

  3. i think ur reviews are unbiased, esp if u don’t know us bloggers personally ^_^ that’s prolly what’ll make it an interesting learning curve for us. cheers! looking forward to it. no rush.

    bet’ll ve a lot more to do later. ^_~ TIA

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