Show The Malaysia Trishaw Becaman Support

Just like the bearded man who lifts heavy objects for charity, we now have our own local charity stint as well. Meet Frankie Tan; trishaw (beca) man. While there isn’t personal information about Frankie like his age and where he hails from, the ‘cuti-cuti’ Malaysia mission he’s undertaken is traveling from Melaka to Penang and back – on his trishaw!

frankie tan trishaw beca man

Frankie has made the statement what he’s doing isn’t for personal gain but to promote Melaka and Penang as world heritage cities. In addition, any monetary support or form of charitable support will be donated to the charitable organisations below:

I’d personally donate to the National Council for the Blind. They’ve helped create awareness about website accessibility through a previous conference.  Anyway, you can follow Frankie’s travel journal and photo documentary he’ll be calling; United Faces of Malaysia, the trishawman website.

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