Blup-Blup Bloggers for Hire

Twitter is truly becoming a powerful way of finding out new information. Previously, I learnt more about protecting my Facebook privacy. And after that, I learnt from Bryan there’s a new blogger for hire service around.

Yes, it was bound to happen and I definitely foresaw this. Someone was definitely going to build a network of bloggers who love writing for cash. And they’re called; Blup-blup.


How will Blup-Blup work?

I don’t know.

How much will be paid?

I don’t know.

How does Blup-Blup qualify bloggers?

This I know. Any blogger can sign up with them at this moment. All you have to do is fill up their application and submit. But they’ll filter bloggers by:

  • Daily unique visits
  • Daily unique views
  • Attached screenshot of the proof

After all, how will they be able to sell their strength of bloggers if every new blogger in town really could write a sponsored post.

But, that’s not my point.

The reason I never started this idea before too was because, where do you draw the line? Between honesty and money. The Malaysian market is still new to social media as shared in SMCKL #5.

Many business owners still can’t comprehend the fact their product may not be what their market wants. But still want to put their words in the bloggers mouths. And they don’t want people to talk bad about their products, ’nuff said.

Well, as bloggers we’ve the truth to be told. Even if your products suck, we need not say it does. We could touch lightly of it. But, it must be shared. Otherwise, we’re dishonoring our own readers. The only reason you’re paying us to write for you in the first place.

How will Blup-Blup balance or control this?

That is something I’m looking forward to find out. Will the bloggers have to say nice things? Or, can we say what we mean?

Would this be the beginning of conspiracy in using bloggers to talk about your products and service. Well, let’s wait and see.

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