Malaysia Internet Downtime Affects Productivity and Health

Malaysia employers of Internet technology companies who said the Internet (when it’s up) affects employee productivity I’d say are morons. From what I’m experiencing right now as an employer and employee, with TMNet Streamyx Internet service interruption is affecting my productivity more than when the Internet was up.

In the morning, my primary activity is to check my business emails and address all of them in a timely manner. And, I spend less than 10-minutes to reply them. Plus, there are occassions I only take less than 1-minute to reply a simple question posed by clients. Before the interruption, it takes me maximum 2-3 hours. Now, it takes me 4-5 hours to only address my emails.

After lunch is the time I research, design, do more research and prepare proposals for my clients. In between all of that, I still address emails from my business partners and clients. Now, thanks to the interruption of TMNet Streamyx, my productivity is affected exponentially.

I can’t complete proper designs for my clients and I can’t propose new ideas which I would normally observe based on the international online trend. The Malaysia Internet downtime which has been ongoing for more than 2 weeks now has all my work backlogged.

Besides work productivity, Internet downtime also has an affect to my health – not as an Internet addiction. Because I can’t complete my mentioned tasks in a proper timed schedule, I’ve no choice but to sacrifice sleep to meet deadlines. It’s not like all my clients will accept the excuse, “my Internet was down due to TMNet”.

Health and productivity aside, the government wants and wishes for all Malaysia companies to target the international market. I’ve once shared an example of what happens when we (Malaysians) don’t do enough research of the outside market when we propose a business plan.

Therefore, is it our fault the reason we can’t produce products or export services for the international market is due to our lack of knowledge or skillset?

Is the main Malaysia broadband provider themselves ready to provide the services and performance which doesn’t affect productivity and health of Internet companies here whom are targeting the international market?

Or, is the main Malaysia broadband provider only promoting and supporting the sales of our products and services within the country – while our government says look outside of Malaysia?

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  1. Hmm…internet down? I don’t think it’s a good choice of word…Internet is always there it’s just that the people that manage the service need to do a better job…seriously.

    Maybe Najib’s team could give them a real challenge – monitor their KPI regularly. Haha..that would be swell-huh?

  2. One thing must be really clear here… Malaysia = Third World Country, but people don’t like that phrase, that’s why they keep emphasizing that Malaysia = Under development country, which about the same. So really, cannot expect too much from Malaysia. Of all service we have is on their best effort already, cause under development mah…

  3. toao:
    True. The service is always down – not interrupted. Well, I hope the political change does somehow affect the services of our IT competence in Malaysia.

    LOL! The country is third world while our Malaysians are first class. 😛

  4. Hi Danny, I wonder what’s your contingency plan to uphold your Internet connection while meeting datelines. (Except staying up late)

    Any luck with Wireless Broadband?

  5. I’m doing my best to cope without my available research material on the Internet. It’s hard but I guess here’s where my design education comes in along with all the experience I’ve gained thus far. I’m still alive – thankfully. 😉

    As for wireless broadband, I’m now giving the P1 wiggy a whilrl and always updating the tech team of the coverage and instability.

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