First and foremost, warmest regards to old visitors and also new. Here’s a small history of my blogging path. I started my first blog when I was still in college somewhere last year. That was when I could only afford space by sharing with friends. Back then, each of the shareholders was only allocated 20MB of space. There were 5 of us sharing the webspace. And also at that time, my Uniform Resource Locator (URL) was pretty long; www.notdesign.net/~adom/etsuko. I didn’t bother signing up for a redirector cause those just generates popups and also at times, spyware problems. During that time, I also never had enough money to buy myself a domain name.

But today, as of 1st June 2004, this is all about to change. I have purchased my domain name. I have purchased my very own 100MB webspace. I installed and designed everything that you see here except probably the shoutbox that’s by my friend.

This website as you might have noticed from the side is running on MovableType. Really powerful shiet for blogging. I’ve also included a mini banner of my hoster, Easynet-Interactive because they’ve got superb service as well as packages. Thanks Fairiz. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s that about the new website. Now to talk about my 3 month working experience in NetInfinium Interactive. Well, there’s isn’t much to be said just that it had given me a better perspective of what the web design business really is today. Although I have worked till the late hours, I enjoyed myself as my colleagues were friendly and not the boring bunch that just think about rushing home as soon as the clock strikes 5pm.

There have been much work given to me but this definetely gave me a chance to improve my way of organizing projects. This’ll definetely come in handy when I go Melbourne. Big thank you to all in NetInfinium Interactive. Lay off the Oreo stealing and also the Pontian stories from time to time man. ๐Ÿ˜›

Reason being deprived from my blog for awhile, I’m making this post really as long as possible. I guess most of you might have already noticed. Anyway, I’ll try to summarize what else I have in my mind.

First up in the interest of the general public, I’d like to voice a little about a few things that are in papers nowadays. The first would the maid abuse case. All I can say is; “Does any human being even deserve that sort of treatment though they have stolen from you?”

Second of my general interest was an article talking about a secret society debating how proper English is corrupting our Manglish. My word to this is; “In the first place, the reason English is suppose to be spoken properly is because the PM had keynote the level of English in the country. This was made due to our low level of English that makes us look one step lower than the people in other non-English countries.”

*Breathe out* That already being a mouthful, I shall finally finish this post by talking about some movies I’ve already gone and watch.ย Movies go as followed by the comments behind them.

Van Hellsing was a good movie in terms of special effects and weapon design. However, to me it lacked the plot that would’ve made viewers watch it another round. The lone ranger music was excellent though.

Next up we have Troy, starring Brad Pitt as the infamous Achilles. I remembered this character from the Disney movie, Hercules. Now, this movie, definetely a wow! in terms of plot and costume design. But the thing that interested me most was the war strategy. The strategy of shooting arrows of fire before releasing balls of hay was just a superb scene.

It’s kinda like a movie marathon as the following week (I think), I had done to watch Shrek 2. My friends told me that this movie is kickass and my friends, I am so pleased you told me that. Just a little tip for those going to watch it, continue watching after the credits because my friend said there’s something there.

Other than the three movies mentioned, my dad had gotten free The Day After Tomorrow tickets. We watched it last Saturday and this is one movie I really enjoyed. It gave me so much impact on global warning that I hope this impact would be the same to those morons who open burn.

As the time is running late, I guess it’s time for me to hit the sack as well as publish this thing. Sorry if this was long and stalled you from going lunch but don’t worry cause my normal posts aren’t this long. I don’t think I myself want to write this long again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, just to inform everyone, this website might not be 100% the way it should be but I’ve gotten most of the important parts done.

So have a good morning or good afternoon or good night. Will catch up with you all soon. Bwai bwai~

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