Blog Funds

Isn’t a rarity nowadays. More and more bloggers have joined ad programs and affiliate programs such as Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, Video Ads (only US) and others out there. I know bloggers who’ve managed to survive via some of these methods but I would like to ask the readers opinion on this. Therefore I’ve set … Read more

Amazon Affiliate

Or Amazon Associates is their very own affiliation program for promoting their products as well as the company. I came about this while surfing another weblog and was actually quite impressed. I can’t compare the impact of this against Adsense since Google has monopolized the online ad campaigns from my opinion. However, here are my … Read more

eS Footwear

Joins the blogosphrere too. A linked section from their main website talks to people about lifestyle whilst writers are wearing their goods. This is a sure clear sign that many companies are soon going to make an appearance online through the form of blogging sooner or later. Anyway, as short a post as this might … Read more

How To Hire A Web Designer?

Healthy knowledgeable article to be read by web designers or developers. Get into the shoes of people who are going to hire you. Know what they’re looking out for so you have the upper advantage of being hired or even recomended by people because of this gain. :) It’s quite a long article provided by … Read more