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Panda ThiefWho said piracy only belies in audio, video and software. Heck, we even got it for websites. Ever thought no one would dare copy a mutli-national corporation or large organization’s website (not leaving out small-medium as well)?

Well, on the Internet today anything is possible. Even similar or how some may call it, pirating of a website. It’s not the first case to happen and it’s involved big names to lesser known names. One of the recent ones in the international scene was from 31Three; Original VS Pirated. The most recent local case involves pirating of Lim Kok Wing University’s website.

In the design community, we all know how wrong it is to copy a web design and what makes it worst is if there’s no innovativeness to the copycat. We’re looking at a similar design and the only thing differentiating from the original is the content or context.

Yes, users of pre-made templates have similar templates but I wouldn’t consider them copycats. Pre-designed templates are general libraries of web designs fit for any business. Therefore, this is a totally different category on its own.

Lim Kok Wing University Website v6Coming back to the issue of the Lim Kok Wing University (LUCT) website being pirated. Take a good look at what the Version 6 of the LUCT website looks like. Besides it being just a university, LUCT is a design school where they teach about concepts and basically train graduates to come up with ideas be fitting their clients.

Copycat websiteAfter you’re done with that, I’d like you to have a look at this website. Then let’s play a game, how many similarities can you spot from them. If you can spot 10 of 10, I’m pretty sure we have a copycat here.

In the Low Yat forum, we’re debating who copied who – pretty obvious to me. Now, as a web designer I could go on all day long about this but I’ve got a better idea.

Question of the day:
What benefit(s) or negativity do you think either one of them has from this?

p/s: No animals were harmed or involved in this post. 😛

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16 Replies to “Pirated Lim Kok Wing University website”

  1. Well, in terms of benefits, the people who designed LKWU’s website just got an ego boost because someone actually copied their design.

    For the one who did the pirating, they are getting some exposure, aren’t they?

  2. Hinching:
    I don’t know about the ego but exposure, most definetely. One of the reasons I don’t have either one of their URLs here. LOL!

    LUCT would hit a new low if it really were a template. ROFL!

    If you can find it, you have me sold. 😉

  3. a bad copy of a nicely design website, content and header doesn’t even align properly. Some of the flash movie doesn’t even load, the second one is definitely a pirated version and a bad one. I know the boss quite well, maybe should let him know ^^

  4. the LUCT website was not built on any existing template.

    it was launched in April 2006, and was in development for 7 months before it’s release. obviously we’re still working on it and improving it as quickly as we can.

    hinching may think it’s an ego boost, but it’s really not. it’s a professional job. it may be an ego boost if you’re some artist, but it’s not a compliment when your work is stolen.

    stolen’s a strong word, but unfortunately, it’s quite literally what happened. they have saved and reused some of our graphics. this is different from creating graphics that LOOK similar to ours.

    our legal department is looking into this now.

  5. Jack Fright:
    I think there’s no need for the legal department to look into the matter anymore because Cycom has removed the website and have replaced it with a new Flash placeholder.

    I’m assuming they’re already in the works of a new design and by this time, it’s of their own. 🙂

    Thanks though for coming by and voicing your opinion as part of the LUCT committee.

  6. hahaha, what a shame…. cycom web developer sucks! I think, the one who developed cycom website was very happy. He got paid without thinking of the design for their clients… 🙂

  7. Kenneth, they made a very big mistake copying. Especially thinking people in Malaysia will not sue for these things. Come on, it’s a design college for crying out loud. Not to mention he’s got plenty of money to sue if he wanted to. 😛

  8. I can’t believe that the cycom’s web developer even dare to copy LUCT’s website! it’s a college’s website for god’s sake and they think LUCT won’t find out about it?

    damn. i hate copycats. haha.

  9. Well, they kinda did – I think. But Cycom is in the green since they’re in the clear now. And LUCT is only a small thing, as there was someone who mimic-ed a multi-national company previously. The nerve of them and the ignorance of the other.

  10. I am disappointed with the Management of Lim Kok Wing. Fonr Intership and no classes for 6 months they still charged RM7000 ( fees ) and additional RM500 recourse fees for graphic design course. Are they money swindler?
    It is unfair to many and all those in the management are super unprofessional so to say they cannot even answer if you were to ask them why do you charge this amount…tell me what you think!!!

  11. Hanako:
    Well, it’s not uncommon to hear this. And as a joke, I’ve heard some comment “Why’d you think he can afford to open a branch in London?” LOL!

    But on a serious note, higher education in Malaysia can’t be compared to even Australia. I completed my course in RMIT and I admit I’d have learnt more there compared to being in Malaysia.

  12. After reading all the comments throughout the website, LUCT gave me a really really bad impression. The London campus doesn’t even look like a University, so why waste time lending their names trying to dominate the world ? Are there any other good/globally recognised university colleges in Malaysia that offers art/fashion design courses, other than LUCT?

  13. I’ve not seen photos of the London campus yet. As for the impressions, well, i suppose end of the day it’s a business for them – or, him at least.

    There are plenty of of them. One of my friends is now in PJCAD near Hilton. So far she’s enjoying it and based on her assignments, it’s really helpful to her.

    Though I’d say never give up the chance to gain experience overseas if offered. 🙂

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