Good or Bad: Fish Head Curry Restaurant Owner Sues Google and Malaysia Blogger

It’s natural for newspaper articles with headlines Google and bloggers to tickle me. But it commands more of my attention when I see that someone is trying to sue them. Lol. And in The Star, it read Google and Blogger sued by curry fish head restaurant owner. Er, what?

So a Malaysia blogebrity (blog celebrity); Huai Bin aka SixthSeal, published his personal fish head curry experience at a restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Apparently, the restaurant owner using Google search has filed suit against Huai Bin for his inaccurate review which has affected his business. Furthermore, filed a suit against Google for allowing this defamatory to linger – phbt!

I’ve read Huai Bin’s blog post and though short, may have been really blunt and crude at some corners.

a.k.a. The Worst Fish Head Curry and Banana Leaf Restaurant in the Known Universe

However, I may have written similar if the food was really that bad.

As for trying to sue Google, honestly, what was your lawyer thinking?! *slaps forehead* The first thought which jumped into my mind, being in this industry, you already lost. Google is a search engine. It measures not only whether your review is good, bad or the best. It factors in variables like incoming traffic, internal links and others. In short, it’s a machine.

My Personal Recommendation to this Crisis Management

As much as you may detest Huai Bin now, professionally approach him and formally request the deletion of the article. And if your PR is better than your lawsuit, invite Huai Bin with some of his friends to come over and re-evaluate the food. If I were a restaurant owner proud of my food quality and positive reviews elsewhere, I wouldn’t have a problem pitting my food for a 2nd evaluation. After all, this isn’t MasterChef.

As for dealing with Google, forget about it and try rewriting the bad with the good. I recently read an article on SEOMoz; Our Online Reputation Management Playbook, which I’d recommend taking a gander and pager.

By the way, even if Lonely Planet doesn’t list you in their website anymore, there are other websites like TripAdvisor which had positive feedback dating back to December 1, 2010.

Personally, look at it as an opportunity than a negativity.

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