9rules Network Giving Back to 9charities

The talents of 9rules Network are going to be joining forces, skills, mind and being (in some way) to help out 9 charity organization websites each year. The best part of this whole thing is that these organizations are going to get a new makeover or new website completely FREE.

Other than a great makeover, the 9rules clan are going to host the 9 charities for free too. And what better name to call this project in consistency with the 9rules identity but 9charities.

If you think the free website and hosting is just the great things coming from them, you are so wrong and you’d need to read more about the 9rules project.

It’s really inspiring and moving to hear how a network of members with elite talents in their own right are under one roof and living up to their calling. This calling as mentioned by Scrivs is:

A couple of months after starting the Network I thought it would be great to gather the talent within the Network to do some good for those who aren’t able to afford such talent.

I’m not sure if the 9rules network members will vote among themselves to choose which charity organization website to include but I do wish outsiders are able to submit suggestions.

And if you’re wondering, yes I’d like to submit a few of the charity organizations we have here in Malaysia. At least the website of a charity organization for the blind or the deaf will finally gain justice from website standards and not to mention from the best.

Big cheers and a big hoo-ha from Websites Made Simple to the members involved in the project and I know we’ll be hearing great things from 9charities.

2 thoughts on “9rules Network Giving Back to 9charities”

  1. I think this is a really noble thing to be done by the group. At least it dissipates any idea that the group is the elite, snobbish kind.

    And knowing the kind of talents that are members of the 9Rules Network I expect to see some really beautiful and functional websites later on.

  2. Glad you think this is a good idea and we are all looking forward to working with charitable organizations and helping them in every way that we can.

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