WordPress 2.7.1 Fixes 68 bugs

wordpress logoI upgraded to WordPress 2.7 not awfully long ago. Simply because my drafts were behaving weird. Whenever I saved a draft, the Comments and Pings option were turned off. Thus, whenever I had scheduled posts they had comments and pings turned off.

The new WordPress 2.7.1 deemed a maintenance update fixes upto 68 bugs. Some notable list of bugs were:

  • Permalink box below Title shouldn’t shift page
  • Revisions do not respect time zone offset
  • Add new link fails silently
  • New installs: admin has user_level 0
  • Theme preview fails when theme in subdirectory
  • Tag cloud order priority is broken
  • WP reinstaller doesn’t work
  • ‘Draft Saved’ current_time not reflecting timezone setting in the edit area
  • Distinguish between approved / unapproved comments in All Comments list for IE7
  • Active plugins table rows are not highlighted
  • jQuery/Thickbox Issue IE7/8
  • Drafts are published in the past

View the changelog for the full WordPress 2.7.1 changes. Or, head on over to WordPress.org to download now.

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